Green Eyeliner Could Look So Chic?

Girls look forward to all the possible fashion. Let it be in terms of bags, clothes, accessories or makeup.  Makeup is a vast field which can really change people from looking plain to extremely pretty. Many people buy beauty magazines to keep their skins looking young and fresh. 

All beauty magazines are full of ways to beautify you with new kinds of tricks with makeup. Not everyone is blessed with good makeup skills .To some it comes naturally while to others it comes after extreme hard work and effort. 

However much as the new inspirations of makeup are available, I personally feel eyeliners do the trick. One should not be scared of experimenting with new types of eyeliners. I recently came across this new green eyeliner. I used it after looking at the YouTube tutorial for it. It turned out amazing for my eyes. Made them look bigger and fuller than ever before. I never knew green eyeliner could look so chic?

Colorful eyeliner does not have to be intimidating but certain sophisticated looks can be tried with it.  I personally love experimenting with different kinds of eyeliners. Eyeliner is one of my favorite makeup tools. Here are certain ways to wear your green eyeliner right.

  1. Colored Green liner can be tricky at first, and as with most tricky things, the best way to wear it is plainly. This means with a very basic eye shadow – a slightly shimmery shade around the same color as your skin is what I’ve found works the best, curled and mascara’s lashes and neat and defined brows. I usually like to stick to bright liner on my top lid, rather than underneath or all around. I think it looks a little more chic and sophisticated this way.

  2. I personally admire green eyeliner by Sweet Touch Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. They have a range of breathtaking colors, the sparkle isn’t obnoxious, they really DO stay put once they dry and the color payoff is stellar. I have the green (Electric) and the purple (Royal), and they’re both rad.

  3. The green eyeliner is my favorite. I wear it in a bold cat-¬eye shape on my upper lid. I skip liner along by bottom lash line altogether. Because this is a really bold color and a strong look, I keep my blush and lip color very subtle. This way it looks sophisticated and yet chic.

  4. Another easy trick to wear green eyeliner is to apply a thin line of green liner on top of your black wing. I usually make my wing very curved, but you can also draw it straight out, and then joined it to the outer edge of my eye. Then I applied a very thin line of green on top of it, fading it inwards a little by just not putting any more product on the applicator. It gives an instant chic look. This look is really subtle, still bright and pretty. It’s also good for people who have shallow or no creases. I use my normal bright pink blush and fuchsia lipstick with this look. I make the liner just one more interesting thing on my face.

These are some on my personal treasure tricks of wearing green eyeliner. Trust me if you do it right with the appropriate dress. This green eyeliner can do wonders.

Girls are fond of trying out new looks and here I brought this new eyeliner in green. And guess what who knew green eyeliner could look so chic? I wore it and was complimented way more than I had imagined.

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