Glamorize your eyes with colored contact lenses

Beautiful eyes have always been the first noticeable factor in the whole appearance and persona. Mostly, Asian ladies have a usual dark brown or black colored eyes, however, with the advancements in beauty and cosmetic lineup, now everybody can enjoy the charm of exotic colored eyes with the help of a wide variety of colored contact lenses easily available in the market. While colored contact lenses are smart to wear to add an extra classiness to your look, however, the decision to choose right colored contact lenses is a difficult one to make.


Colored contact lenses are available in a diverse range of shades, textures and colors, but while deciding the personality is probably the greatest indicator in what sort of colored contact lenses a person will pick up, to make your beautiful eyes more impactful. Before letting yourself in the decision of picking up colored contact lenses, it is important to realize that the change in eye color will renew your image like a new makeover that can either enhance your appearance, or ruin your confidence.


For your beautiful eyes, here are some beneficial tips and suggestions to select right colored contact lenses:

  • Natural Appearance

The first rule of thumb for picking up colored contact lenses is to go for more natural appearance. The natural color of your beautiful eyes, your skin tone and other cosmetic considerations can be deciding factors in choosing the right colored contact lenses.  Natural the shade of the colored contact lenses, the more natural will be resultant appearance of your beautiful eyes.  If you really want to consider natural appearance as the primary consideration, avoid colored contact lenses like violet and aqua. The best shades of colored contact lenses according to Asian skin tone are gray, hazel, honey topaz and brown, that not only add an extra charm to your beautiful eyes, but looks stunning and attractive addition in your looks.


Comfort consideration of colored contact lenses:


While wearing colored contact lenses, always make sure that you are comfortable with them. Avoid the use of colored contact lenses for long durations in order to make your beautiful eyes feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Cleaning

Always wear colored contact lenses with washed hands and also clean them with lenses care solutions to remove protein, before putting them back in the case.

  • Check on Expiry

The colored contact lenses are available in disposable monthly, as well as yearly replacement; however, it is very important to keep check on their expiry, as it can cause severe eye problems. If you feel any sort of itching or discomfort while using your colored contact lenses stop wearing immediately.

Smart suggestions for picking up right colored contact lenses for your beautiful eyes.

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