Give your Feet some Beauty Treats

Easy beauty tips to take care of your feet with extra love.

Although, all women want to look their best most of the time by applying various beauty tips to enhance their splendor. Amid lot of efforts and skin care tips, we mostly forgot to take care of our beautiful feet, which are a true reflection of a woman’s overall appearance.

If we ignored our beautiful feet for a long span of time, they will become sandpaper-dry, callused and unattractive. Though it may take effortful beautiful tips to restore the softness of your beautiful feet, but you can surely achieve the rosy appearance of your beautiful feet by treating them with extra tender and loving skin care tips.

The soft and beautiful feet are the desire of every woman, as the smooth and touchable feet always adds a special touch to a woman’s persona. If you want to show-off your beautiful feet in attractive summer shoes and sandals, you can achieve it by using our beneficial beauty tips for once or twice and week.

When it comes to beauty tips, feet comes to the lowest priority, as they can be easily hided under shoes, socks and slippers, however, with our easy and amazing skin care tips you can confidently wear open-toed sandals. Following are the step-wise beauty tips, through which you can enjoy the softness of your beautiful feet.

  • The most important among all skin care tips for achieving beautiful feet is a soothing and comforting foot bath on regular basis or at least twice a week. To pamper your beautiful feet, place your feet in warm water in a small foot tub for 5-10 minutes and add some moisturizing body wash or good quality foot wash with small handful of Epsom salts.
  • Our skincare tips will recommend you to use a good quality foot scrub to soften your dry flaky skin. If you don’t have any foot scrub, you can make a homemade scrub by using our beauty tips by adding 2 tbsp olive oil and 2 tbsp white sugar. Rest your feet on the edge of foot tub and massage scrub into your beautiful feet, especially on the hardened skin of heels.
  • To get rid of remaining loosen dry skin, our beauty tips will advise you to use pumice stone on scrubbed feet and rinse your beautiful feet with warm water and dry them with soft towel.
  • Apply thick moisturizing lotion on your beautiful feet to add an extra soft touch. Moreover, our beauty tips will suggest the use of foot lotions as a regular part of your post shower routine to make your beautiful feet extra supple.

By these simple and easy beauty tips you can surely fulfill your willingness of achieving smoother beautiful feet.

Easy beauty tips to take care of your feet with extra love.

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