Get a whitening Skin

Below are Basic steps for whitening our skin at home.

1st Step:

Yogurt, but the organic one with all the essential oils and minerals in it. Add one tablespoon of yogurt in a bowl.

2nd Step:

Add 7-9 drops of freshly-squeezed lemon juice in it and mix it well.

3rd Step:

Add mineral oils into it including sandalwood, geranium, rosewood, neroli, rose jasmine, frankincense and Lavender. In the absence of oils Vanilla Essence or Rose water may also be added.

4rth Step:

Mix all the ingredients well and cover them to settle for 3 minutes

5th Step:

Your night care skin whitening cream is ready, apply the mixture every night before you go to bed and wash your face with lukewarm water every morning you wake up.

This will give a healthy, balance and fresh youthful skin.



The one basic step is to have a whitening skin is to make a homemade skin whitening cream. If you want to make the one for yourself then try out 5 simple steps.

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