Fresh Beauty Looks With Hint of Blue

In summers it becomes very tough to keep the makeup on your face. Melting summers don’t allow you to have experiments with your looks. It would be easy to stay simple in melting summers, the only way to keep some freshness in your look. Ladies in summer frequently found with complaints that, eye makeup start running on their eyes, lipsticks and lip gloss become too much oily and difficult to hold the surface.

Apparently it is difficult to manage makeup in summers. The hot weather is not in favor to support the ultra mod looks. Simplicity seems the key of freshness, but it would be difficult for those who are in habit of makeup or the makeup is the ultimate demand of their job. Following is a piece of information that would be useful in carrying the makeup in simple and easy way.

Ways to fresh your beauty look with the hint of blue

Makeup Aid

In order to fresh your beauty look with the hint of blue you are not an expert enough to solve your makeup related problems and it’s not a way to quiet the makeup habit in summer. Try to find out the practical solution to your problem. For this it is necessary for you to take the professional help. In our country, you may have found the unique trends for each season in clothing, makeup, footwear and accessories.

It’s good to follow the local trends, but it would be more worthy if you keep your eye on the international trends of changing seasons. Explore the web and find out the solution form the every corner of world. Now the world in global village and everybody knows about the international trends so don’t hesitate to pick the solution from the international sphere.


In international sphere numerous makeup experts are doing their job in advancement of season appropriate makeup jobs. They hunt the new trends to facilitate women in carrying the beauty in simplest forms. Babloo is a well- known makeup artist and popular for simple, clean and easy to do makeover looks that is probably why he is favorite of many fashion divas in pakistan.

Simple, clean and gorgeous collection was complimented by a fresh beauty look featuring a haze of light blue on the models eyes; beauty look created by stylist Babloo and Shahzad Raza has become popular rapidly. Fashion magazines and media highlight the new creation fresh beauty look with the hint of blue it is well matched solution for the melting makeup problem in summer.

Adorn fresh your beauty look with the hint of blue

Summer prohibit you from making big eyes, putting thick eyeliners on your eyes and mascara. It is typical to think that eye make is incomplete in the absence of eye liner and mascara In Pakistan. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to wear both eye liner and mascara to give beauty to your eyes.

You can adorn your eyes with eye shadows only it looks more beautiful and classy. We all know that blue eye shadow is a huge makeup trend for this year in local and international fashion world, but being on trend does not mean that you have to go over the top.

A hint of blue on your eyes goes a long way and this is exactly what this beauty looks proves in summers. In Pakistan summer is a season to celebrate the lawn prints what are bright and vibrant, it would be nice to carry soft makeup look with these fresh prints. Put a little amount of eye shadow on your eyes in aqua blue shade blend it well, there is no need to wear mascara and eye liner and enjoy the fresh looks. Try this rocking makeup strategy for current season to enhance you beauty.

In summers it is difficult to handle makeup. Melting summer does not allow wearing thick eye makeup.It will be very easy to adorn your eyes with hint of blue in summer to enhance the freshness in your beauty.

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