Fresh and Active Eyes Part 2

Beautiful eyes reflect a beautiful soul. One can tell about one’s self only by looking into his/her eyes.
Proper Diet plays one more very significant role in maintaining the good health of your eyes. Fresh fruits and vegetables are most beneficial in this consideration. Especially Proteins and Vitamin containing diet helps you the most. Vitamin A, B, C and E, are most advantageous. Eggs, meat, and dairy products come in the same way of importance as like fresh fruits and vegetables. Particularly eating raw carrots and juicy apples makes your eyes shining and sparkling.

Another important care in this regard is that does not rub or squeeze your eyes and the area around your eyes. The area around your eyes is very sensitive and thin, so rubbing can cause wrinkles and creases around your eyes. If you feel something irritating or disturbing your eye, just wash your eye with cold water but never ever try to stretch.

While doing make you should keep small precautions in mind that not to use dangerous chemicals containing cosmetics, astringents or harsh makeup brushes on your eyes. Even beauticians suggest that avoid pencil eye liner in excess, because whiling using it you need to stretch your eyes. Always remove your eye makeup with some good quality moisturizer or makeup remover before going to bed, as it can irritate your eyes while sleeping. 
Avoid using lotions, oils and drops in your eyes without consulting an eye specialist.
 Smoking and stuff like that is a very serious danger for your eyes. It can simply make your eyes ugly and dirty. It can cause dark circles more than anything else. This habit steals vitamin C from the body and leads to the development of wrinkles. It also has serious threats for your eye sides.  Try to wear sunglasses while going outside; it protects you from the ultraviolet sun rays as well as from the pollution and dust.

So protect your eyes from all the harms by taking very good care of them being a delicate part of your body, as you surely love your this sense, the sight.

Beautiful eyes reflect a beautiful soul. One can tell about somebody only by looking into his/her eyes.

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