For Your Eyes Only

Eyes are the central part of our outlook beauty and the main part of eye’s attraction are eye lashes.

Long hairy lashes can bring a new glamour to the flamboyance of our eyes. We need to do a lot of care to protect our eye lashes, no matter how shiny your eyes are, but if your eye lashes are not long and thick it can’t help you to make your eyes beautiful.

The eyes hold the keys to our seductive charm. By using so many cosmetics we damage our eye lashes that are the central attraction of our eyes. We go out daily in dust and heat that can damage the glow of our eyes. Always use sunglasses to protect it from the outer environment. Whenever you come home from heat, spray cold water or rose water on your eyes. It will ease your eye’s stress and will help in improving your eyesight as well.

As we already know that eye skin is very delicate that is why a special care is needed to remove eye make up. If you want to remove eye makeup, especially mascara, use a cleanser that will easily remove it.

Well we mostly curl our eye lashes to give them a alluring look but don’t make it a habit because eyelash curler bends them into a severe angle that is not natural. Always be sure before using them that your eye lashes are clear of any mascara.

Always use a unique and patented brush of mascara that make your lashes separated and give ultimate luster and texture of real hair. Fresh looking glistening eyes, soft eyelids adorned with luscious long eye lashes give an expert combination of mild sensuality and ultimate seduction.

You can do many exercises as well to make our eyes healthy and shiny. Lit a candle and concentrate on its flame for some time. Its very easy and helpful exercise for your eyes. Simply sit on a chair and roll your eyes clockwise and counter-clockwise. Just repeat it five times and blink in between each time.

Close your eyes and massage them with your finger in circular direction for one or two minutes. Press your eyes gently and must wash your hands before it, otherwise you can harm your eyes. These simple exercises will make your eyes healthy that will eventually result in shiny eyes and fine-looking eye lashes.

Eyes are the central part of our outlook beauty and the main part of eye’s attraction are eye lashes.

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