Flawless Complexion Dream of Every Woman!

Flawless complexion, well, it is a dream come true for every woman. The basic trouble with your skin is maintaining its flawless complexion which is the biggest battle to win. To counter the developing wrinkles, to erode the under eye dark circles, to kills the acne scars and have a radiating glowing skin , Well, that the kind of girl’s complexion dream imp speaking about.

Today’s agenda is to discuss how to maintain the flawless skin. Here are some tips below

1. Firstly avoid the Sun as much as you can. The UV rays or may we call the ageing rays are the most dangerous of all.  Apply sunscreen every time you go out. There are no bounds / conditions on what the weather is like. No matter what wear your sunblock. I repeat WEAR YOUR SUNBLOCK. Otherwise don’t fret about buying your anti-age products, there is no use.

2. The second tip to use the beauty products that carry the SPF in their formulation be it your moisturizer or your foundations. Apply them on your lips as well they are the part of your face, thus keep that flawless complexion going!

3. Cleanse your skin every day. This is a powerful tool for you to use to gain the flawless complexion you always wanted.

4. Get facials once in every four weeks. They could be home based facials and not necessary the chemically oriented ones. Facials help in relaxing your face muscles and tone the face.

5. Follow a skin care regime firmly. And by that I mean adhere to it. Different skin-type may follow different kinds of routine. Find the most appropriate for skin and follow it. This your way of handling the flawless complexion.

6. Apply the beauty products in moderation. There is no need of turning into a clown or caking up your skin. Let your skin breathe.

7. Avoid complex carbohydrates, excessive use of dairy and carbonated drinks. These might be the acne producers, those who hinder your growth to the flawless complexion.

8. Water, water, water! That’s the key. Keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water will help you fight against that dry flaky skin. Hence it is a big solution towards the healthy flawless skin you dream to have!

9. When the weather changes, change your skin care regime. Yes, that is for your own benefit. You might not want to add on oiling substances during summers that triggers acne. Or either skin drying products during winter? Well, that’s a big No.

10. Use alcohol free toners for your skin. Alcohol may dehydrate the top layer of your skin. You better watch out for that one.

11. Add few drops of rosehip oil to your face creams. Models do that, to make their skin radiating, glowing and shining! Why not try that?!

12. Avoid stress! Try methods to shovel it off. Meditation? Well, it might be a spiritual way to obtain a flawless complexion but that surely works.

13. Avoid salty and oily foods, they can dehydrate your skin and cause acne to your skin. So for a flawless complexion oily foods are a big NO NO!

14. Moisturize your skin regularly! Yes that’s the key. Dehydrated skin looks dead and death to gorgeousness. You may not want that! Hence apply , apply APPLY!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

Flawless complexion is the dream of every girl and so we are here to provide solutions and tips to achieve the beauty glory!

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