Fashion Tips Buy Clothes to suit Your Shape

Fashion tips for women with different body shapes vary. Here are fashion tips for a few of the common body shapes which cause distress among women:

  • Fashion Tips for Petite Women:
  1. Women with a height of 3 feet 4 inches or shorter are classified as petite. Though you should be careful about how you dress up, but as long as you know style tips for women who are petite, there is nothing to worry about.
  2. Dark colors make you look taller, but that doesn’t mean you should always choose black for yourself. One of the Pakistani style ideas which you can apply to yourself if getting your shirt dyed in two tones of the same color for example: the upper half of the shirt in bottle green and the lower half as light green. This is one of the style tips for women which make them look tall.
  3. You can also try wearing a short length jacket on your shirt when you are wearing jeans, this is another one of good fashion tips for petite women.
  4. Avoid wearing horizontal lines or prints; they will make you look shorter and broader according to style tips for women.
  5. As far as Pakistani style tips for petite women wear are concerned, try wearing shorter sleeves, v-neck shirts, choori dar pajamas (or skinny jeans) to make you look elongated.
  • Fashion Tips for Tall Women:

Over the time, women who have a height of 5 ft 8 or longer, are considered as tall and these fashion tips apply mainly to women who fall under this category. Pakistani style ideas encourage you to enhance your height with the sort of style tips for women clothing which are appropriate for you. Go for long dresses, lines, long boots, long hair and fitted clothes to play up the beauty. Let your arms and legs show themselves by wearing long sleeves, choori dar pajamas and skinny jeans. Your height is not something you are meant to hide.

  • Fashion Tips for Hip Heavy Triangle Women:

Pear shaped women think they face the worst. But trust me on this, if you follow the right Pakistani style tips, your body will look just as gorgeous as any model on the TV.  Pakistani women with a hip heavy triangle shape should consider themselves as lucky because Pakistani style ideas give them a wide range of options which are not available to western women. You can wear dark color trousers in heavy fabric which doesn’t cling to your body, and makes you’re his look slimmer.

Always get your trousers stitched in more than average length which is another one of Pakistani style tips for pear shaped women. For shirts also, the fashion tips for pear shaped women are much the same. The main thing is to be careful about the fabric. Apart from making sure that it doesn’t cling, also check that it doesn’t shine, so that your lower body is not unnecessarily enhanced. Never opt for stiff or thick fabric either.

  • Fashion Tips for Top Heavy Women:

The trick is to use fashion tips to draw attention away from your bust and play them down with the right fabric, cut and colors. Baggy tops are never a good idea for top heavy women because they just make you look bigger. Wearing V-neck is one of the successful fashion tips for top heavy women, and wearing necklace which rests on your neck and not your cleavage is another way to draw attention away from your bust. Also, you should avoid wearing high necks, sleeveless and loud prints. Go for fashion tips and cuts which skim along your body without enhancing your upper half.

  • Fashion Tips for Rectangular Shaped Women:

Pakistani style tips for rectangular shapes give a wider variety to boyish shaped women. You can always go for high necks or turtle necks to make your upper half look fuller. Fabric that clings to your body is exactly right for rectangular women. Pakistani style ideas also encourage pleats, frills and short sleeves to give you a more feminine look. Flairs, flowy fabrics, Maxi cuts are the right style tips for women who are rectangular. They trick is to use fashion tips which enhance your curves.

Women are always fussing over their body shape and trying to get fashion tips which would not only go with Pakistani style ideas but also suit them and make their body look perfect. You can always use fashion tips to make it look better with what you wear

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