Fashion for Independence Day

Pakistani independence day is an important day for every Pakistani, we all like to do things such as decorate our homes, put flags on our roofs, light up candles and sing National songs to show how very important Pakistani independence day is for us. The color green surrounds us from every side and it never fails to overwhelm us with emotion. But, just like any other event, Pakistani Independence Day also has a dress code, and Pakistani fashion is painted with green in the month of August.

Those who love to dress up and are enthusiastic about following Pakistani Fashion and wearing something unique on Independence Day, here are some good ideas as to how they should adopt Pakistani Fashion on this special day.

Dress according to color code:
There is always a color that’s dominant in a particular event’s dress code and when we talk about Pakistani Independence Day, green and white is the theme you are looking for. Besides, since this is our independence day and a day to acknowledge the birth of our country, we should also keep in mind the Pakistani culture along with Pakistani fashion.

Pakistani Independence Day dress code can be more interesting for women as compared to men. Because they can play around with different cuts and colors in their shalwar kameez, dopatta. White shalwar kameez, with elegant sleeves and neck, with a flowy green dopatta has always been the best way to dress up for Independence Day.

National dress of Pakistan:
Shalwar kameez, being the National dress of Pakistan, is the ideal outfit for Independence Day. It doesn’t only look pretty but it also gives u a more formal look as compared to jeans. Besides, why not celebrate Pakistani Independence Day with an eastern look.
Embroidered dresses:
Pakistani fashion also has many varieties when it comes to embroidery. You can have your white kameez embroidered with green for this Independence Day. Or you can even get your green dopatta fully embroidered to be worn on plain white shalwar kameez.
Selection of accessories:
Once you are done with your clothes, you need to focus your attention on the accessories. Remember, green and white is the theme! You don’t necessarily have to wear everything with a flag on it. Just buy something which goes with the theme, like big oval rings, pretty hairpins, bracelets and earrings in green, white or silver color, which would go well with your dress. Don’t forget to put on light makeup. You have to look good on your country’s Independence Day.
Try something unique:
Pakistani boys are also quite passionate about their country’s birthday and like to dress up on Pakistani Independence Day. We would recommend trying out something different than just wearing a white shalwar kameez, which most guys prefer to do. Why not bring out the Green by wearing a Green shalwar kameez and adding a white scarf on it.
Don some cultural dress:
You can also try and be different yet cultural by wearing a Vest Coat on your shalwar kameez and don’t forget to tie a green or white scarf around your wrist. Now you are all set to enjoy Independence Day with an outfit of your choice.
Happy Independence Day!

Apart from other numerous ways of celebrating and showing love for our country on Independence Day, wearing outfits and accessories fit for Independence Day is a popular way to cherish Pakistani Independence day.

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