Fake nails for your wedding

When hearing of fake nails, one considers long and clean nails with some application gel. Many of you will be surprised to know that fake nails come in different sizes varying from short to medium to long. Moreover, there are four different types of fake nails that you can choose from: acrylic, wrap, gel or sculptured.

But this doesn’t imply that the use of fake nails has to be taken for granted. They are a very delicate element for which fake nail care is highly important.

  • You need to clean and shape your own nails properly before having the fake nails applied.
  • The use of fake nails also requires concern after application. You need to be careful not to rub the fake nails and have minimal hand movement to avoid them falling off and injuring you.  
  • At removal, be cautious of not pulling them off hard rather be slow in doing it. After that you also have t make sure to get rid of any gel remaining on your nails. If not done so, it might again result in the formation of fungus on nails sides.   

A major fake nail tip is the surety of the brand of fake nails used. You need to confirm with your salon whether they have a premium quality product or not because inexpensive and harmful fake nails might result in deadly infection in your nails and use months to overcome it.      
Another one is that fake nails require some time at least 15 minutes to let the glue dry and harden itself in place for the long hectic day ahead.

Fake nails are usually applied during the makeup procedure or even some times done after you wear your shirt and are almost ready so that it doesn’t fall off or hurt anyone. This also depends on the salon you have chosen because one with professionals working will surely give you a greater guarantee of the quality of the service than the unknown brands. My sister had her wedding makeup done from Madeha’s that uses a special gel to apply beneath the fake nails. They really didn’t come off until pulled and also didn’t hurt while taking off.

You do become sort of bound after applying them since you have a risk of the fake nails peeling off or scratching others or even yourself so fake nail care is necessary. But the highly attractive look they provide to the bride’s hands is unquestionably obvious. They support the splendor of hands along with the henna and nail polish or French manicure you have had. 

Wedding implies celebrations, food, festivals, dances, dresses, shoes, jewelry and makeup, which includes everything from the eyes to lipstick to hairdo to fake nails.

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