Facts about Make up Tips Everyone Thinks are True

Have you read an article, telling you about the amazing make up facts? And you tried them an FAILED! Off course they aren’t effective … how can they be effective? Make up is used for enhancing the beauty of an individual. It is the work of artists and is an artistic job. Not! Everyone can do the makeup themselves you need to learn the skill and the art to use the makeup tools. Though …If you want to experiment on your face… you can always do that … but be prepared for the “horrifying“ picture of your face. Now days there are a lot of variety of makeup stuff. I must say that the quality of every item used to nourish your facial expressions have improved a lot.

Like of I talk about the base, you will find the wide range of bases for example in mate. Powder, liquid bases and there are much wider range in each category. It’s on your skin tone which one you pick and use. But make sure which ever you opt does blend with the skin! Ops … telling you about the original bases effects I forgot to mention that there are plenty of tips you might have read or heard from your grandparents or from the teachers “wana beeeesss” about using the makeup and that aren’t true at all. Here are few of the facts that are depicted to be true!

Using Liquid Base Doesn’t Make Your Skin Oily:

Liquid Base

Base is the important part of doing the makeup. Rest comes after the implementation of the base you are using. Hence, the base is selected very keenly!  You will find the wide range of basses prevailing in the market. But never go with the fashion!! "Not every base is meant for your skin tone", remembers this statement while choosing on.

Mostly, your so called advisors will say to use the liquid base but hey!! Stop there!  See if this is good for your skin type? For this you need to know your skin type if it’s dry, instantly use the liquid one but if it is oily … you should apply the face powder with the blend of base to make your skin balanced.

Applying Eye Liner Twice:

Eye Liner

Eye liner is the enhancer for the eyelashes. It makes your eye lashes look thick and hairy! In short your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Using the quality of eye liner is very important. Do not use the peel off one. As while peeling the liner … other might damage your natural built. Similarly applying liner twice isn’t the logical statement! You should use the liner that is thick enough to make your eye lashes prominent and volume. Few of the recommended ones are MAC, L’Oreal, and Mebollene etc.

Applying Shiners:

Face Shinner

Applying shiners … give me a bReAkkkk … how can a shiner give a refined look t your face??? Use the makeup kits that are good quality and have a glossy look when applied. This is how your face glows and looks fresh. Using the shiners or shimmers after application of the makeup is the bad idea!  It can never end your art in good results.

Lip Pencils:

lip pencil

There was a time when lip pencils were at its peak, but now lip sticks are made in pencil shape that you need not to use the lip pencils. It looks out dated and gives a very sharp look to your lips. Where as per the trend in the fashion industry, mild appeals more that the sharp look n. hence use those lip colors to give the sharpness effect to your lips.

Face Powders:

Face Powder

People use face powders usually because they have a psyche that it keeps your make up on your face for a longer time span. It is not at all true… if you use the correct base, as mentioned earlier; you need not to use the extra face powder.

These were the facts that were considered to be TRUTH!! Hope I have cleared few to help you doing the best make up and look gorgeous.

For using make up in the best effective way, here are few of the facts that really help.

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