Eyeliner Likely to result in Vision Problems!

The current trend being followed by girls in terms of eye makeup is the use of eyeliner for beautifying the eyes. In days gone by, the eye liner was only used at the time of important occasions which also included party related get together.

But now the eyeliner is being used more frequently and most of the time on a daily basis and even from time to time during the day. And why not? After all the eyeliner augments and enhances the beauty of the eyes manifold.

But then care and caution also needs to be given due attention when using the eyeliner. Any careless and wrongful use can adversely affect vision and there is a horrifying possibility that the vision may be lost. To avoid this from happening a certain procedure has to be followed when applying the eyeliner thus ensuring that no ill effects will result through eyeliner use.

Research tells us that application of eyeliner in the lash line is likely to cause redness in the eyes and make them look sickening. This makes it necessary for the eyeliner users to make use of this knowledge and thereby avoid ruining the eyes forever and come across a fatal disaster. In this regard it is essential to be aware that during the course of eyeliner application, there is a possibility that the liquid flows into the eye and if this happens, problems start to emerge and the protective layer inside the eye is badly affected.

Through studies it has been revealed that the protective layer inside the eye has to be sheltered from the eyeliner solution to keep in healthy condition. To make eyeline users aware, demonstrations were held and participants applied eyeliner firstly on their outer lash line and then on the inner lash line. After the passage of 5 minutes, it was noticed that the eyeliner particles had reached the tear glands of the eyes.

The conclusion arrived at was that it was more appropriate to apply the eyeliner on the outermost part of the lash line so that no harm comes to the eyes. Another precaution highlighted was that make up should be removed on reaching home. Emphasis was also given to the eyeliner application on the outermost part of the lash line. There was no bar on use of different coloured eyeliner.

Eyeliner applied to the inside of the lash line is very likely to move into the eye itself and cause problems such as blurred vision.

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