Eye Twitching: A Medical Guide to Blepharospasm

Eye Twitching:

Eye twitching is a common term for unintentional shuddering of eyelid. The frequency and type (nearly close or fully close) depends upon different reasons. The article briefly discusses various causes, symptoms and treatment of eye twitching to give a general idea.


Generally what cause eye twitching are stress, fatigue and Caffeine. Usually Eye Twitching lasts for a couple of days or maximum a week and it disappears unnoticed. It happens occasionally but most people find it really annoying and want to get rid of it.

Eye twitching can happen due to various reasons. Serious issue is when eyelid is completely closed and the reason for this can be unknown. In the scenario the patient get restless and feel very uncomfortable. The general known reason for eye twitching is irritation on conjunctiva (membranes of eyelid) or cornea (surface of the eye).


Constant uncontrollable eye twitching is obviously the biggest symptom but beside this you may get blurry vision and sensitive to light.


Most of the times eye twitching disappears unnoticed however following actions may help.

  • Quit smoking and take less of caffeine.
  • Sleep properly.
  • Use eye drops for lubrication (after consulting some physician).
  • In severe cases minor dose of Botulinum Toxin injection provides temporary relief from eye twitching.


Prognosis of eye twitching depends upon the severity and type but usually it stops within a week.

Extreme situation:

Complications are very rare due to eye twitching but in extreme scenario permanent eye injury can occur.

Time to contact Doctor?

In following situations it is advisable to contact medical professional (optometrist, ophthalmologist or primary care doctor).

  • If eye twitching does not go in a week.
  • Your eyelids are completely closed due to eye twitching.
  • If you notice some swelling, redness or fluids discharge from eyes.
  • Twitching is felt on other parts of your face.
  • Upper eyelid is dropping.

Other Names:

Eye Twitching is also known as Blepharospasm, Twitch-eyelid, Eye Twitch and Eyelid spasm.

Eye Twitching is a common issue in which uncontrollable twitching of eye takes place. Normally eye twitching lasts for a week and disappears even if not treated. It usually happens due to stress, restlessness or over consumption of caffeine.

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