Eye Makeup Looks that will Fetch your Attention

There is no doubt that the art of makeup is a life changer and it has no boundaries. In particular, when it comes to eye makeup there are multi possibilities but what has to be kept in view is that certain eye make ups can be classified as classic and their significant feature is that they never go out of fashion.

In this connection we share with the viewers five 5 party eye makeup looks that will make you look sparkling and fetch you a lot of attention.

1. Eyes that are Smokey – Quite a few make up trends have a permanent existence and are there to stay. Referred to as classics, these trends are true enablers of good looks.

One is the Smokey eye look and this look is great for makeup of the eyes. Most appropriate for night parties, it also has the ability to be accepted during a daytime event.

The emphasis has to be on the smokey eye effect. An important precaution is that it should not be paired with bright lips or even too much blush. Generally, the makeup should be subtle and it is the eyes that should sparkle.

2. Eyes that Glitter – The glitter effect plays a complementary role and combines well with the makeup of eyes. In case there is an element of doubt about make up selection, it is right to opt for glitter.

The glitter touch will definitely give the eyes a sexy look and rocky reflection.

3. Feather eyelashes – This look can be achieved by creating a nice base with an eyeshadow primer. As for the makeup of the eyes it will be upto the individual.

And in order to get to a complete look it would be advisable to add a pair of feather lashes to the eyes. This is considered good for theme parties.

4. Cat eyes – The seductive cat eye is one more form of eye makeup in the classic category. The amazing thing about this form of makeup is that every young one loves the look.

In this category of makeup is that no eye shadows are required as the liner is sufficient to create a dramatic effect. And an important aspect to remember is that a lot of tutorials are available to learn the art.

5. Eyes with Dual tone – In case you choose to wear two or more colors in the outfit, Dual tone eye makeup should the choice. The chosen colors will be selected by the person wearing the makeup and you can easily succeed in creating the dual-toned look.

The method to be applied is that eye shadow may be applied in the inner major part of the lid and the other colour on the outer remaining part of the lid. it can be two thirds inner and one thirds outer. These must be made to blend really well and eyeliner and mascara may be used to finish the look.

Sharpen your eye makeup looks with these easy tips and fresh ideas.

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