Eye Care For People With Diabetes

The most prevalent disease in our country after coronary heart disease is diabetes mellitus. It affects more than 70% of Asian population. The etiology is either genetic or related to obesity. This crippling disease not only impairs the metabolic system but also has affects on various other systems. One of the systems that get affected the earliest is the visual system. It causes diseases like cataracts and glaucoma.

Diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the retina, which leads to the development of diabetic retinopathy. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in age groups between 20 to 74.Since the end result of almost all the eye related problems caused by diabetes is blindness. This makes the diabetic eye care very important.

For that reason, it is important for people to know certain eye care tips. People who suffer from this illness need to take precautions to live a healthy life in which they can appreciate the various colours of life other wise every thing will turn black for them. One good thing is that the diabetic eye care despite being crucialto know is not too complicated. It is quite straightforward and easy to abide by.

Eye care tips that will help people suffering from Diabetes

1. Maintain your blood glucose levels. The diabetic eye care requires normal levels of blood sugar. Therefore this one of the most important eye care tips.

2. An essential eye care tip for diabetic eye care is to regularly schedule for appointments with the doctor. This will help in monitoring the eye status. Not only that but also aids to check any developing problems before hand.

3. Eat a healthy diet. An eye care tips that will improve your vision. A person, who has this illness, needs to avoid complex carbohydrates and fats. These should be substituted with simple carbohydrates.

4. Monitor your blood pressure .It is an eye care tips that is even important for non-diabetic. The raised blood pressure affects eyes at once. The diabetic eye care involves regular blood pressure monitoring.

5. zvoid smoking. This eye care tip also implies on people who are not suffering from this dreadful disease.

6. Exercise regularly. This improves circulation in the body. Hence improves function of most organs present in the body. The diabetic eye care requires prompt blood supply to all organs. Therefore, exercise can reduce the incidence of eye related issues.

7. Control cholesterol levels. In diabetes, the cholesterol needs utmost attention so that it does not cause any cholesterol deposition. The diabetic eye care involves keeping cholesterol levels in check.

8. The diabetic eye care involves taking medication as told by the doctor. If this is not done appropriately then sugar levels can fluctuate and complicate the situation.

9. Signs that are alarming: In diabetic eye care, one should be aware of the signs that signify going to the doctor without delay; these include blurring of vision, black spots, flashlights and partial loss of vision. When some one with diabetes mellitus, comes to you with one of these symptoms. Then rush the patient to the hospital right away. The diabetic eye care in such conditions requires urgent treatment. Otherwise, blindness can follow.

I hope these eye care tips help you fight off the resulting eye problems due to diabetes. The diabetic eye care is simple and requires regular monitoring of various body profiles. Nevertheless, when done regularly, it can save one from blindness and other hazardous eye complications.

Diabetes is a disease that affects various systems, once uncontrolled. One of its earliest affects is on eyes. Therefore it is essential to do diabetic eye care apprpopriately.The eye care tips are of immense help to the people who are suffering from diab

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