Eye… and eye care!

Eyes are said to be the windows of one’s soul. One can only see this beautiful and fascinating world through these windows. People who have bright, shiny and healthy eyes are the blessed one. World seems so dread, barren and colorless to those who are deprived of this precious gift of God.

Eyes are the beautiful and precious gift of god. It is considered as the prominent part in human face. The world seems colorless to those who are deprived of this gift of god. People with beautiful eyes are the luckiest one. In our poetry, also the eyes are the central focus of almost all poets. Inside colorful shinny and long lashed eyes attract every one and immediately grab the attention of others.

To preserve and for the care of eyes, there are thousands of tips and techniques which are common now days. Despite of this, wide ranges of eye care products are also available in markets in order to treat your eyes with special care.

Unfortunately, majority of the people neglected this special area and only put emphasis on eye makeup or usage of lenses which often occur in eye damaging and retina diseases.

The present flood in Pakistan results in many diseases among them, the eye diseases listed at the top. Thousands of flood victims complained for different types of eye problems. However, besides this our eyes need special attention and care in our regular routine also.

To put special emphasis on this very important eye care matter and to give much awareness to our readers, we give some very common and easy applicable and necessary eye care tips which will not help you in your eye care but also doubles your eye beauty and shine.

Eye Care Tips:

  • Wash your eyes with clean and fresh cool water every morning when you wake up.
  • Rose water is very good ingredient for eye care .It will help in reducing eye pain and eye burning. Take 2-3 tbs of rose water, mix 2-3 drops of castor oil and wash your eyes with this liquid. It is the best cure for eye burns and other similar problems.
  • For relaxation, you can use cold tea solution. Dipped cotton pads in the cold tea (which is without milk) for an hour and put them on your eye lids for 10-15 minutes. It is a very good eye relaxation technique.
  • Majority of people face dark circles problems. To overcome this, they use to buy hundred of expensive eye care and dark circle removal products but did not get the result. Here, we give you a very simple but natural tip to overcome this problem. Take 3-4 pieces of cucumber sqneeze them and get the juice. Dip cotton pads in this for 2 minutes, apply this for 2-3 days and you will get rid of dark circles.
  • Because of the late night culture, many of us not take complete rest and its results in puffy eye. For this, you can use chilled raw milk (milk before boiling). Put chilled raw milk dipped cotton pads on your eyes for 10-15 minutes and you will feel the change.
  • Constant reading, writing and working on computer can damage your vision. When you are doing this type of work, it is advisable to take short breaks as constant staring at one place or on a computer screen will harm your vision and also a cause of headache and neck pain.
  • Look at your surrounding time to time to give break to your eye s and comer the fatigue.
  • Besides this, take nutritional diet to make your eyes and vision brighter.
  • Wash your eyes before going to bed. Especially when you do eye makeup. For this, never use too many products just apply night cream or simple eye makeup removal cream as it will not damage your sensitive eye areas.
  • Always consult an eye specialist for vision problems. Don’t treat this by self medication as it will result in vision damage or retina diseases. Also, use contact lenses and sun glasses or contact glasses after consulting with your eye specialist.
  • Always put special emphasis on your eye care because they are the windows to your soul.

Eyes are said to be the windows of one's soul. One can only see this beautiful and fascinating world through these windows.

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