Enhance Your Beauty with Marvelous Nail Trends

Nails are one of the prominent parts of body. Along with the increasing fashion, nails fashion has also become very much popular among females. Fashion would never be complete without beautiful nails. Women tend to focus on latest nails shapes and nails art. Nails naturally come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each person has unique nail features.

There are long fingers with wide nail beds, short fingers with short nail beds and every combination in between. There are five basics shapes of nails which are adopted by majority of ladies such as square, oval, round, pointed and squoval. The shapes of the nails have become central part of fashion.

Oval shape is an attractive nail shape for most women’s hands and very much in fashion. It can accentuate femininity and gracefulness among women.

Square shape is the most popular in nail fashion. Square shapes compliment the nail and add length to finger but for long nail beds.

Round shape is more conservative and gives a very clean look to hand. It is usually adopted by females because round shape gives softer and less noticeable look. It is the common choice because it mirrors the natural contours of the nails.

Nails are one of the most attractive parts of body. Hands due to their utility are most vulnerable to aging and the best way to have a lasting youthful look of nails is manicure. Manicure and pedicure groom, trim and paint nails in more natural and stylish way.

Many nail colors and techniques have developed and nail art is found in extremely diverse variety. Nail polish stamps and stickers are in trend and most popular nail stickers are animal prints, animals and flowers. Fake and real rhinestones are also in nail fashion and are used for additional decoration to make nails and hands more impressive and charming. The newest way of French manicure is half moon manicure. It makes the nails  look fresher.

Black nail color looks hot and sexy on nails. Black nail color is a choice of females of all age groups. Simple black or black with different colors and with different techniques especially stroke technique is very eye catching. 

Glitter dipped nails look more trendy and are eye catching. Glitter tipped nails in red, gray, golden and silver give glamorous look and hands become more attractive.

Metallic nail colors look fabulous. When you apply metallic colors to your nails you just say Wowww!! Metallic nail colors with their shining are being mostly adopted by teenagers. You will definitely love it.

Nails now have become the integral part of style and fashion. Long nails and nails care lead to fashion statement. Nails make hands beautiful and give lasting youthful look. You can go with any of the above mentioned nail shapes and nail color and its amazing designs. It will help you make your nails attractive and fabulous and you will be surely much confident while using your hands with beautiful nail colors and designs.

The beauty of your hands is incomplete without artistic nails. Women have become more conscious about their beauty now-a- days. You want to know about latest nails trend that has become integral part of fashion? There are certain types of nail shapes whic

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