Emma Watson Inspired Latest Eye Makeup Trend

Emma Watson, the Harry Potter movie artist, is definitely on top of the latest eye makeup trend this season. Whether she puts on the smokey eye look or carries the soft and elegant colors, she sure knows to set precedence in introducing a new eye makeup trend. Emma is seen carrying the most natural makeup which seems as if she has applied no makeup at all. The artist has a naturally beautiful skin texture, has thin lips and full brows. Here is an insight to the latest eye makeup trend she has brought forward.

Green and Minty Eye Makeup

Her latest eye makeup trend is the green and minty eye colour she had put on during a film screening at NYC. Makeup artists did anticipate that "minty, turquoise-y blue-green" will be the new eye makeup trend in Spring 2013 and Emma decided to be the first to carry it out. Her eye colour was though not very turquoise but was definitely green and minty. The brightness in the eyes was balanced with a silver lining on her lids that helped mellow down the brightness of the green and bringing a very dazzled and melodious look in her eyes. The makeup was surely cool to carry and without doubt will be seen as a new eye makeup trend.

While we are reaching the spring of 2013, you can surely copy her style by adding more variations, such as use of a white pencil at the lash line to balance out the dark turquoise or smudge the makeup a little to get a cool outcome. This eye makeup trend gives a very youthful look. The shades of green, blue, mint and turquoise are all fresh and bright and can be carried with great ease.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Earlier this year, Emma’s smokey eye makeup was the latest eye makeup trend. Unlike the typical smokey eye, Emma introduced new shades of gold and yellow apart from the regular black and grey used to smudge the eyes. She carried the makeup by adding a little shade of green and gray in the eyelid and bright yellow and gold shade at the inside tip of the eye. The brightness in her eyes, along with the shades of grey and black, balanced her overall appearance with a flawless skin and soft arched brows.

If you wish to follow her eye makeup trend, start by applying a light moisturizer on your face and have an even coverage. You can also mix your moisturizer with a liquid highlighter which will give you radiant and glowing skin. Arch your eye brows. Emma has soft arched brows and you might have to grow your brows to get a full look. Over arched brows give a very crooked and aged impression. Use a light peach blush or pinch your cheeks a little to get the natural pink cheeks for a young look. Now copy her eye makeup trend and finish off with a dark colored eye liner on your upper eyelash and a white eyeliner pencil on the inner rim of your lower lash. Finish off by applying a lip gloss or a nude lipstick.

Emma Watson has set a latest eye makeup trend by putting on a green and minty shade, setting a new addition to the eye makeup trend in the fashion industry.

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