Easy Beauty Tips to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Take these 5 easy tips for making your eyes appear bigger and brighter than ever, 

Step 1:

Always go for a violet, pale peachy, dull pink or pale blue pencil on the inner rim of the lower eyelid, try to avoid using a White pencil to escape from the unnatural look

Step 2:

To have more open ending Apply a highlighting cream to the inner corner. also some of it on the brow bone to have the illusion of a more open eye. 

Step 3:

To make your eye look deeper use darker tone shadow on the eyelid from the lash line to the crease and blend it in a way that it fades away around the crease area.

Step 4:

If you have a fair complexion goes for the vibrant shadows and blends it with firm brush. The best colors to use are black, dark grey, deep brown, or blue. Apply the shade with a thin line at the base of the upper lashes, the same technique can be apply to the lash line of the lower lashes.

Step 5: 

Lastly, always conceal and brighten underneath the eye!


To Have a big, beautiful eyes is a dream of every women but there are many who has small eye must follow theses 5 simple steps to make them look bigger and better.

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