Dressing Up According to Your Shape and Features

We often notice women wearing clothes which don’t go along well with their physique and body type. Everyone wants to look gorgeous and steal the show. Going with the fashion flow isn’t as important as wearing what makes you feel comfortable and in which you can carry yourself well with.

Everybody wants to look their best especially when it comes to glamorous parties where every other person seems to be competing for the ‘lady of the evening’ title.

Everyone has been made different from one another, which is infact the fascinating part. When choosing a formal dress, whether for a wedding, a party etc, it might not be all that fun and interesting all the time.

Primarily, it is necessary to know what the shape of your body is and your skin tone. For that, take a keen look at your body shape in a full-length mirror. The same goes out for your skin tone. Either your skin tone is very light, a little color, tan, bronze, or dark.

Lightest shades of skin look best in affluent and dark colors. Since pastel colors will fail to accentuate your skin tone and on the contrary, the dark rich tones will highlight it.

If your skin tone is pale or yellowish (slightly colored), go for very dark colored dresses and bold make-up to go along with it.

Among you out there, who are tanned or bronze, go for pastel colors, preferably neon or medium shades. Darker shades are not meant for you since it will make you appear darker or fail you accentuate your skin tone in a fine way. Bright colors really make your skin appear glazed and superbly bronzed!

For dark skin, pastels colors are the best choice. It will enhance your feminine touch and make you appear sensational.  Colors more on the brighter side too look very delightful and pleasing.

Or, in other case, you could also choose a dress which accentuates a feature of yours; let us take your eyes or hair color as an example.

For Brown or Hazel colored eyes, cool colors for instance blue, purple and green would click on you!

Incase of those with blue eyes, prefer to go with a warm color like yellow, orange, or even gold would be a fine choice.

For green eyed ladies, rich colors such as pink, red, orange and brown would define you in the best way.

Taking your hair color in focus, choose a blue or purple dress if you have blonde or brown.

If you’ve dyed your hair red, affluent red or orange would make a perfect choice all the way.

For brunettes, brighter shades and very dark colors are the right options.

Next comes another important step, chose a dress that compliments your body type.
For those of you having a curvy tummy but narrow hips and small to average bust, go for a dress with an empire waist. It will highlight your body at the same time as make the curves of your tummy appear less obvious.

For girls with curvy hips and smaller bust, empire waist and A- line dresses are meant for your body type.

Those with a larger chest and small hips should prefer to wear a dress in a mermaid style or fitting dress.

Among you with an athletic body type, opt for a form fitting dress, with cut-out around the waist.

Voluptuous body types should wear A-line dresses with fitted bodice makes a perfect choice.

What matters the most is wear what makes you feel comfortable and happy. Treat yourself in the best way. Take our advice, do follow the latest fashion trends but go for what enhances your looks and make you look outstanding, not standing out!

Good luck!

Choose what looks best on you, or which fits best on you according to your shape and features.

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