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Going shopping is logical and a must on Eid. Eid dress designing is the only topic in the air these days. Shopping malls are brim full with the Pakistani Eid dresses collections. Designer Eid dresses are being showcased with glamour.

Eid brings along a religious zeal, happiness and a festive spirit. It is a gift for all the Muslin community in the world, a gift from God for those who fast for Him during the holy month of Ramadan. Eid is an event when we socialize the most. So dressing up accordingly is very much a need. Moreover, preparing for Eid dresses is also recommended in Islam. So Eid is the best excuse for those who love going shopping, designing Eid dresses for themselves and those who prefer buying designer Eid dresses. 

Eid dress within budget:

Pakistani Eid dresses have a vast variety and the collection is showcased throughout these days. Every style for every age has been catered carefully, considering all the budget ranges. Even then, sometimes you feel that none of the options suit your style. What happens usually is that either you don’t agree with the stuff used or the way these Eid dresses have been embellished. Sometimes the color range is not your desirous one and if all in one is there, it does not fall in your budget. If you feel like getting one stitched for yourself, tailoring becomes a big issue. So searching for your style takes time, and this very reason pushes you to go for designer Eid dresses where you are given the opportunity of customizing the available designs for yourself. 

Designer Eid collections:

All the famous Pakistani designers are therefore exhibiting their Pakistani Eid dresses collections these days. Sonia battla, Rizwan Moazzam, and many others have presented glamorous outfits best suited for an occasion like Eid. Fashion models are seen exhibiting Eid collection 2011 on ramps. Designer collections this time have a full eastern impact. The motifs and patterns are usually loud and bold. Bigger motifs and patterns with eastern intricacies are in. Such embroideries or prints ask for full length frock like eastern cuts with which “choori Pyjamas” are the best suitable option. Pyjamas along with long lengthed frock shaped shirts are the fashion tide. Summers ask for lighter and cool colour tones. Bold contrasts are in.

Fabric Options for Eid Dress:

Fabric options for this Eid are all the lawn stuffs, pure chiffon or a combination of both. Considering the seasonal constraints, special lawn collections by known designers have successfully been launched for Eid dresses.
If you are seeking for a Pakistani Eid dress for yourself, you must consider the cuts that suit your body shape. People with short height can opt for the motifs which create an illusion of lengthy and sleek shape. The motifs that are formed lengthwise help creating such impact.

Accessorize your outfit:

Story does not end up only with the correct choice of Eid dress. After buying one or getting prepared a Pakistani Eid dress for yourself, you need to accessorize your outfit with suitable and appropriate shoes and jewellery. And if you have collected all the stuff, you need to carry all these things with a style and grace. An outrageously expensive designer Eid dress with all the due accessories even sometimes fails to form a graceful and stylish impact if not carried properly.
So Fashion Central hopes that you would definitely get a good Eid dress that suits your style this Eid. Happy Eid!

Fashion Central picks up the essence of Eid spirit and reviews the Pakistani Eid dresses collection. It offers latest designing tips for the curious souls as Eid is approaching with all of its colors and festivity.

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