Double Cleansing: A New Mantra for a Beautiful Skin

Most of the women are aware about the beauty ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing and these steps have become a part of women’s schedule.

However, there is yet another step in extolling the virtues of beauty products that is known as double cleaning.

Double cleaning basically includes the pre-cleaning with oils and wipes. Ladies can buy these pre-cleaning essentials during beauty products online in Pakistan. But the question is why pre-cleaning has become a new mantra for the flawless skin? If our skin contains toxic chemicals while going to sleep, it won’t be able to regenerate and repair at night. Apparently, removing every last layer of makeup, pollutant and sunscreen is essential.

In Japan, double cleaning was the necessity to maintain the beauty of the women. They used to apply essential oil to remove the dirt from the skin followed by foaming cleanser to remove the residue of the skin. This method leaves younger, smoother and healthier skin cells.

Experts says as the makeup are more formulated to stay longer, so it needs double cleaning to remove the makeup from the roots of the skin. Moreover, many dermatologists are encouraging women to use this formula to get younger skin for long. They also said that cleaning is not all about getting dust free skin to the depth, but it’s about softening the skin. Apparently, to get the results of anti-ageing cream and moisturizer you must have a clean skin.

Buying beauty products online is not enough; to get the desired outcome one should follow this amazing beauty mantra. In fact, one of the researches shows that women who take care of their skin in this way can see the results of anti-ageing cream twice in comparison of those who don’t. The first step of double cleaning includes cleaning balms and oils; these are particularly effective on dry skin.

Some of these can also be used under eye to remove the makeup strains you get after removing the eye makeup. However, if you have broken pores or oily skin avoid using oils as it may worsen the skin. Afterwards using a soft cloth is important to clean the skin properly, as usage of cotton balls is not sufficient.

Second step involves using cleanser that consists glycolic acid this will help the skin gentle exfoliation. This step basically cleans the skin deeply. Additionally, cleaning the face with warm cloth twice a day, will surely double the effect this magical tip.

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