Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Makeovers During Lockdown

As the coronavirus lockdown continues, many of us are being struck with the deep and urgent urge to make a dramatic change to our hair. Whether it’s a hastily cut lockdown fringe, a quick trim while we can’t access the salons, or a dye job, the boredom of quarantine and the knowledge that you won’t see anyone IRL for a while provides just the right situation to take a chance and try something new, beauty-wise.

But it’s important to proceed carefully. While a lockdown haircut may be tempting, it’s crucial that whatever change you make won’t be one you seriously regret.

Don’t let boredom and despair provoke a chop you despise or a truly awful bleach job. We spoke to Sophia Hilton, the founder of Not Another Salon, for her advice on the do’s and don’ts of lockdown hair makeovers. Don’t touch the bleach As tempting as it may seem, don’t use your time in self-isolation to try bleaching your own hair for the first time ever. It’s highly likely you’ll be left with orange, straw-dry hair that you immediately regret.

‘Life is hard to face as it is right now,’ Sophia tells ‘The last thing you need is to be facing the world with melted hair when you come out of quarantine. ‘It’s so dangerous and so costly to sort out on the other side… if we can sort it out at all.’ Do try direct colour If you do fancy a colour-change, direct colour – meaning one you don’t mix with peroxide – is ideal. You’ll need fairly light hair for pastels or brights to show up, but the good thing about lockdown is you have the time to try new shades and see what you like.

‘Direct colour is a winner because you can’t damage your hair,’ says Sophia. ‘If you’re a blonde it could be a fun time to pop on a Crazy Color in Peach or Soft Pink something fun like that because it will wash out! ‘Just stay away from blues, greens and purples… they won’t be going anywhere after this is over!’ Don’t try to fix your roots with box colour Use high-quality cream dyes and semi-permanent shades rather than anything that’s going to be difficult to shift when lockdown is over.

Do chat with your usual stylist Your usual stylist will totally understand that you want to make some hair changes at home – we’re all in lockdown and they shouldn’t get pissed off that you can’t make it out to see them. Definitely reach out to them for advice on what would work for you.

They know your hair and can talk you through what to avoid and how to do your usual cut. Oh, and book in with them for once lockdown lifts. ‘There’s a big chance your salon might not make it through this period as most salons are self employed,’ Sophia says. ‘So what better way to show them you care than just booking in for when they open again? You could save them and save your hair at the same time.’ Do try a clip-in fringe before making a chop You can find loads of clip-in fringes and wigs online to get delivered to your door.

Please, do that instead of impulsively chopping off a load of hair, so you can check you like the look and that you’re not just being driven to a bad choice by the stress of the coronavirus pandemic. Don’t trim while your hair is wet Sophia says: ‘If you have to have a chop of that fringe because it’s in your eyes, make sure it’s clean and blow-dried’.

And don’t tug your hair down to cut it – that doesn’t represent how your hair actually falls and you’ll definitely end up going shorter than you want. Make sure you chop with sharp, high quality scissors and point them up to cut, rather than doing a wobbly straight across cut. Remember that yes, your hair will grow back and it’s not the end of the world if things go wrong.

But growth takes time, and you’ll need to put up with the consequences of impulsive actions for quite a while – including on Zoom chats where your boss can see your dodgy fringe and your mates can ridicule the sludgy green tinge in your hair.

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