Designer Eye Frames

Choosing designer eye frames for your glasses has become a popular fashion statement nowadays. Be it the young boys or girls, or the professional working class, designer eye frames can make a person look completely different and ravishing. There could be several reasons behind choosing a particular designer frame of your choice. Let’s talk about the various aspects of designer eye frames:

Comfort, Fit & Durability

The foremost purpose of wearing a designer eye frame is its comfort, fit and durability elements. Recent studies show that 88% people look for designer glasses due to its better comfort and fit, while rest of the respondents prefer designer eye frames due to its high quality and durability. Whatever be the reason, it is pretty obvious that people awareness and knowledge about designer eye frames has improved a lot.

Fashion Appeal

The trend of wearing designer eye frames is commonly popular among youth. People who are fashion lovers and believe in making their unique signature statement, the designer eye frames is the perfect choice to reflect their fashion taste. For fashionista’s, there are several renowned brands of designer eye frames in Pakistan, like ‘Ray Ban’, ‘Emporio Armani’, ‘Fieda, Silhouette’, ‘Georgio Armani’, ‘Prada’, ‘Gucci’ and ‘Hugo Boss’.

Latest Frame Designs & Trends

Designer eye frames never lose sight and stay in fashion always. However, it is just an individual’s short-term fashion change for an added appeal and signature style versatility. Majority people have a large collection of designer frame pieces, which reflects their fashion taste and passion. Some of the highly trendy styles of designer eye frames include:

Cat Eye Style

The cat eye style is the most famous style of designer eye frames. This style has been interpreted specifically for younger generation, with streamlined shapes and patterns. Commonly girls are seen wearing cat style designer eye frames. The beauty of cat eye style is that it enhances the femininity and sexual appeal of a girl. It is a must-have item of every fashionable girl collection.

Dramatic Patterns

Designer eye frames are all about added versatility and fashionable looks. Glasses having dramatic patterns are one example of the same. Dramatic patterns provide a great opportunity to add a confident and sophisticated edge in your entire looks without changing your wardrobe. Dramatic patterns of designer eye frames are usually popular in round shape, having chic and urban pattern styles. Get your style right by using cool dramatic patterns.

Colorful Arms

If you want to get a decent and subtle look, besides looking trendy, then colorful arms designer eye frames is the best available option. This type of eyewear has colorful side arms, with unique detailing to add dimensions into your signature fashion statement. The popular frame design for colorful arms designer eye frames is classic rectangular shape with a twist of multi-colored marbled detailing on the arms.

Statement Frames

Designer eye frames can greatly reflect your personal style. If you are looking for a cool, aesthetic and innovative design, then statement frames is the right selection for you. A statement frame can bridge the gap between rectangular and square styles, and this type of designer eye frame perfectly fits on the face. The unique characteristic of statement frames is its perfect match and face structure adjustment with the eyeglasses.

Keyhole Detailing

Fashion is all about coming out of your shell and adopt bold trends. People who are usually sporty and adventurous, they prefer to have a unique design for their designer eye frames. One of such style is the keyhole detailing eyewear. The most distinctive element of a keyhole detailing eyewear is its keyholes or cuts on the side arms bridges. It could be either two or three small keyholes on both sides of the frame arm, or at the upper right corner of the front. Adopt it for a sport, modern look. 

Everyone wishes to have at least one or two exquisite designer eye frames glasses. However, there are fashionista’s who have a dire passion towards their eye wear collection.

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