Decorate Your Eyes with Geekiness

Makeup has now undoubtedly become one of the essentials for women of today. Eye decoration aims to make the eyes look noticeable and attractive. Eye makeup is an important part of the fashion. Everyone is not aware of the art of eye makeup. Decorating your eyes is a tricky thing that can botch up if you do not know the correct technique. You can decorate your eyes by using different eye shadows, mascara, eye liner, lens, fake eye lashes and eye brow plucking etc. Eye decorating tips are numerous.

Your whole beauty seems to be incomplete without eye makeup. In decorating eyes, eye shadows play main role. They add depth and dimension to eyes, compliment the eye color or simply attract others towards eyes. Some people use eye shadows to improve their appearance that usually brings out glamour and gains attention.

Don’t be one of those boring people who are dull, boring and are still using old eye makeup. Eye decoration is precisely for you so that you change your look for better. Be a trendy, fashionable and chic chickwho turns head wherever she goes. Now as trend has changed people use geeky make up to decorate their eye lids.

True that you express your love and devotion for your favorite film, television shows, games, comic books and cartoon characters in different ways but there is another way by which you can show your devotion – eye decoration in their different styles and themes. Here is a list of some new designs of eye decoration which you can apply on yourself and show your geekiness. These designs include alien, batman, the dark knight rises, peacock, mass effect packman and stitch makeup etc.

  • Do you think that gaming and makeup art going together? Yes it is possible now. If you are a lover of games you can go with packman theme on your eye lids.  If you want to jazz up your look and change your dull eyes in sharper one you can use this packman theme.

  • If you are interested in alien movies and stories you can paint alien makeup around your eye lid. It will give you uniqueness.

  • Next up in our eye decoration tips is the colorful geeky makeup. Artists, Models and actors are inspired by peacock makeup nowadays.  If you use peacock makeup you will look sexy and attractive because this makeup is one of the sexiest make-ups that lets you play with different natural colors.

  • Stitch makeup (from Disneys’ Lilo and stitch) is not much common, in fact this makeup looks terrifying but impressive to some extent. It is taken from cartoon characters of Disney Lilo and Stitch.

  • Knight rises makeup is a super hero makeup. You can use cat eye theme  on your eyes by using black and gray eye shadows. This one looks like exploding fireworks and shows your boldness.

  • Most of people can adopt mass effect look. This eye makeup is least outlandish among all designs. This makeup can make you glamorous.

If you want to be more stylish you can use above mentioned eye decoration tips for decorating your eyes .These designs are known to be in style and depicts the boldness in a woman. You can also use sparkling colors to pump up the traditional look.

If your mirror gives you a dull look so it is the time of decorating your eyes with geekiness. Emphasizing your eyes is quite easy but many women ignore its importance many a times. Sharing with you some of the gorgeous eye decoration tips so that you can

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