Daily Skin Care Tips for College Girls

College time is considered to be the most awaited time for teenage girls. It’s a time when they done with their schooling and enter in their ideal life, away from, sort of restriction environment of school. 

College days are one of the most memorable and craziest days of life. College days are the perfect time to experiment with your hairs, try new fashion style but also with your skin. As teen agers are fascinated about fashion or new look and they want to try each and every new fashion trends either it about new makeup looks or clothing. In teenage they already have the best and natural skin. But they want to experience. Do experience but consider your skin health at first.

Because this is the age when they are moving from childhood to teenage, so at that time they get a lot of pimple or face acne problem. Dealing them with some natural and daily tips will help you in preventing them. Here we listed down some daily skin care routine, so by following, this will help you in keeping your skin more fresh and attractive.


Natural Products in Kitchen Capable of Being Used as Beauty AidsThe most common and simple thing one can do for their skin is cleansing. Just washing up your face daily with a good cleanser or face wash helps in keeping your skin fresh. The one of the most common reason causing pimples and acne breakout is due to excessive oil secretion. The excessive oil makes the skin pores clogged, so the best way is to cleansing your skin daily, as this will helps in removing the dust and extra amount of oil from face.

Moisturize daily:

moisturizer SkinBut cleansing is just not enough. You need to moisturize your skin on daily basis to keep it soft and supple. Either you have dry skin or oily skin, moisturizing is important for both types of skins. But it’s important to choose the moisturizer according to your skin type. Apply a good moisturizer daily before going to sleep and in morning after taking bath.

Sunscreen is essential:

10 Baby Products with Amazing Beauty Benefits for MomKeeping your skin safe from sun rays is the most important thing. As college life is all about moving from space to another, either it from one class to another or any outdoor activities. So during these activities keeping your skin saves from UV rays to avoid getting sun tan or any other skin problem. So it’s important to use sun blocks before going out.

Exfoliate your skin:

Useful tips to have a Clean and Glowing skinClean pores are helpful in reducing black heads and to prevent dead skin and black heads you need to exfoliate your skin twice or three times a week. For this use a good exfoliator or any gentle scrub which helps in cleaning your pores.

Remove makeup before you go to sleep:

eye makeup removerRemoving your makeup before you go to sleep. Because if makeup remained on face overnight, then this may resultant in causing clogged pores, blemishes and lead to rashes and breakout. So it’s essential to cleanse your face to remove all the makeup from your face and then go to bed.

Face pack:

How Long Does It Take for Multani Mitti to Work?College routine no doubt is very hectic and tough. And to make time for your skin is hard. But at least once or twice a week apply face mask and show some extra care for your skin. By applying face pack it deep cleanse your face, gives back your natural skin glow and helps in de-tan your face. So it’s good if you apply a good face mask or pack.

Water is necessity: water is essential for living and also for your skin. But in our daily hectic routine we can’t even get time to drink enough amount of water. And that is not good for our body even for our skin. Don’t get dehydrated and drink at least 8 glass of water daily and stay hydrated.

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