Common Skin Complaints and Best Way to Tackle Them

The most sensitive issue for majority of the people specifically women and teenagers, is to take care of their skin in every possible way, as it is said that the first impression is the last impression, and skin is the first and foremost feature to gaze and observe. Today’s generation is quite conscious about their physical appearance whether they are girls or boys, because of the peer pressure and consequently they are more concerned about their overall personalities.

With the intention that they can feel confident about them at all times, and can avoid the harassment by the friends or family who usually target the weak aspects and make intimidating comments. So, let’s have a review of the common skin problems faced by people and what are the possible solutions to them.

Facial Concerns and Solutions

Generally, most irritating part of the life is when you wake up with a fresh pimple on your face, and you just cannot do anything about it, except for ignoring it and going to your school, college, university or office, with that pimple peeking out from your face, where your friends and colleagues are suggesting you to have a treatment for it.

The possible solution for acne or breakouts is, not to think about it and let it be there, as it takes time but eventually it goes away as you grow up. Probable reasons for acne are hormonal changes during teenage, burdening us with stress or tensions resulting in more oil secretions and oily face. Other factors include applying makeup for long intervals and then leaving it on the face all over the night, this causes the pores to clog and frequent breakouts.

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For oily skin, use of water based or mineral based makeups should be utilized which are new in the market, and thus keeps the skin hydrated. Therefore, one should take care of the facial skin by cleansing it daily, especially after removing makeup. Following are some home remedies to cleanse up your face;

Apply cucumber, tomato or lime juice combination with milk over the dark areas, or simply rub a slice of tomato or cucumber to your skin and see if it suits you.

Apply a mask of “Multani mitti” to your face with fresh aloe vera, to soothe your skin, if it is aggravated by the acne or is dark due to sunburn.

Apply some ghee or else vegetable oil to heal your cracked lips, or just after taking bath apply a thin layer of olive oil to your lips and massage it using your fingertips.

• For dark circles, just apply cold milk with the help of cotton balls over the eyes and let it be there for 10 minutes.

Eczema – a Skin Disease

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One of the common diseases observed in teenagers and young children is Eczema. This is a skin disease in which a red patch is formed over the skin which shows it is irritated by the use of any external uncomfortable or aggravating material such as, uncomfortable shoes, shin pads, etc. this is because of excessive dryness in the skin, therefore most of the dermatologists recommend good moisturizers to apply over it and reduce the stress as well.

Sweating Excessively

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Most of the people feel embarrassed because of the excessive sweating. As, their clothes become damp, resulting in a weird situation. For the people who deal with the writing or paper works are usually irritated because the paper becomes all wet with their sweat dripping on to it. This may result in to bad body odors, for which a simple solution is to use body sprays and perfumes. But, in order to reduce the sweating armpits, hands and feet, one should apply strong anti-perspirants, and the use of light clothing and natural fibres.


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Nowadays, not only teenagers, but the adults are also developing warts. This is a growth over the skin in the form of a lump, which is hard and irritating. These warts are seen on the face, or over the fingers, generally. These warts are sometimes too hard that they need surgeries, whereas some warts are softened by applying natural honey, Vaseline, or glycerin. Care should be taken in this case, as this skin disease is contagious, especially in swimming pools, or via skin contact.

For a healthy, hydrated and glowing skin, a person should drink plenty of water, and maintain a healthy diet rich in fibrous foods, because it is said that whatever you eat can be seen on your face. Or in other words, your face is a mirror of how well your digestive system is. Thus, eat well and glow.

Are you having skin issues? Here are top remedies for common skin complaints.

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