4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Sugar Waxing

Committing rookie mistakes while sugar waxing is pretty common. But if all the hard work ends up making you look like the primitive man, and nothing changes, it is probably time to rethink and rectify the steps you are getting wrong. Sugar waxing is very easy, and you can do it at home. There is no reason for you to believe that you can’t do it because if you start doing it right, you will continue sugaring all over your body.

We will tell you about the four common mistakes you must steer clear of. We want you to get started with sugar wax hair removal correctly because you deserve to have supple and buttery smooth skin.

• Overheating the sugar wax

Runny consistency is something you must avoid. Overheating the sugar wax will make it useless, precisely. Especially during the summer months, avoid heating it at all costs. The ambient temperature is high enough to offer it the right consistency. The sugar wax should be sticky enough, more like the soft sap from the tree, but not too gooey. Heating the sugar wax is unnecessary for people living in tropical countries. Also, the sugaring wax we’re talking about here is a natural substance. So, it is understood that the environmental heat will affect its consistency.

• Not using the right kind of powder

Are you not using the detox dust powder? Think again; the powder is ideal for making the sugar wax stick to the body hair to make the uprooting of hair convenient. You will invariably start sweating while waxing, and remember that sweating can be a detrimental factor as far as proper hair removal is concerned. Hence, using the detox powder adequately while waxing (from the starting to the end) is mandatory. If you are unable to pull out all those nasty hair, probably it is time for you to check the length of your hair, apply more powder, or resort to the triple pull technique.

• Incorrect technique

There is a specific technique for applying the sugaring wax and pulling it to ensure 99% hair removal. While you press the sugaring wax onto the skin be gentle and soft. Apply the wax against the direction of the hair growth as this will allow the sugar wax to hold the hair better. You have to smear it on the same area three times to make sure the sugar grips the tiny body hairs properly. Follow the triple pull technique to pull out even the last trace of hair on your beautiful legs, arms, and entire body.

• Unclean skin

Make sure your skin is perfectly clean before you start waxing. Dirt particles, sebum, or anything else at all covering the skin might not allow the wax to hold the hair better, resulting in futile efforts. First, clean your skin with a gentle facial cleanser, and then wash it off with warm water. However, you must remember that keeping the skin dry is an absolute yes if you want the waxing process to be 100% successful.

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