Color Your Hair Green On Independence Day

On the 14th of August let the patriotism drive you towards all the odd fashions. On this date try to fashionably color your hair; this time either it can be your own hair or a wig. The green flag is a great impression of Pakistani patriotism. It is usually presented in clothing, on the faces with face paints and even in the form of badges.

Wearing Flag On Head

The entire concept of the patriotism in fashion will go into a new direction if you color your hair this season. You can even wear a bandana or a flag over the hair just like that. The hats and caps with the flag and containing all the colors and symbols of it, or you may carry the flag in the form of a patch or paint.

Get Green and Flag Like Hair Spray

The Pakistani flag now can be represented in vibrant colors at the hair aside a cap or a bandana with the use of temporary spray hair color. On the national holiday it is fun to have funky hair and roam around with all the bright colors but you sure don’t want to damage the hair with permanent hair color. The chemicals in permanent hair color for such bright colors will have bleaches and chemicals that will leave your hair damaged. Besides the damage done, you should not roam around the city with green hair on the regular days. What would the green color look like in the office?

Paint A Flag On Hair Wig

The easy way to show off your patriotism is to apply temporary hair color that can be sprayed directly on your own hair. It is difficult to do that, applying the design to a wig is easier when you are making the flag with pray paints on your own. You may need the assistance of a friend to accomplish the flag on the hair with perfection. All you need is a white and green paint with a stencil of a star and a moon.

Color The Flag On Your Baby Hair

Just think how exciting would it be for the kids to have the color on their hair, we sure do not want to damage our own hair or the child’s soft and smooth baby hair so we have to use the sprays with the least chemicals. For that matter we have to avoid the use of permanent colors and dyes on the hair since such vibrant colors make the use of strong bleaches and chemicals.

Enjoy the Independence Day of Pakistan with full zeal and passion and patriotism. The country has given us a home so we shall all give it a day spent with style by coloring the hair in flag shades.

The 14th of August demands the Pakistani patriots to make the most of the Independence Day by expressing their love for the country in any way they can. So this time the Pakistanis should get their hands on the temporary hair color sprays and paint their

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