Choosing The Right Foundation

When the right foundation is chosen then you can get the perfect coverage of face scars, pigmentations, freckles and even skin tones. There are sort of foundations available, but keep in mind that every type is not for you. Foundations are differing for different skin types and for different ages too. Choosing the right foundation will give you actual and desirable makeup look.

Shopping tips to choose right foundation:
When you gonna shop your foundation try to buy it from cosmetic departments rather than drug stores or shopping malls. Because you can easily check the foundation type and color there. If there is any professional staff you can ask help to choose best foundation for you. Then first of all determine your skin type. Foundations are available for every skin type. Never use oily or cream base foundation on oily skin. Similarly pan cake foundations are not suitable for dry skins. The latest vitamin enriched and SPF protection foundations are available. The next step is you should know your skin tone. Try different shades which are near to your skin tone. Buy one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.

This is very miss-perception that women often check the foundation color on the back of their hands. When you are done with your nearer tone foundation color then check it on your jaw line by applying and blending.

Age also means in choosing right foundation:
Teen age to your 20s is golden period of your life where you do not need to do many efforts to give gorgeous look. In this pretty age choose the foundation which is oil free, try the sheer foundations.  If you are enjoying your 30s, the pan cakes and foundation sticks can be the right choice in foundations for you.

The 40s is the age period when many women face wrinkles, age scars, pigmentations or freckles. You will need heavier foundations for such age period with such skin problems. If you have uneven skin tone then buy 2 or 3 foundation colors to smoothen the face complexion.

Different types of foundations:
Tinted moisturizers are best for lighter makeup. Whipped foundations are suitable for all skin types and thinner than liquid foundations. It is very fantastic in application. Liquid foundations are best for fry skin some timed for aged skins too. Cream to powder is most popular foundation type, which is easy in application. L’Oréal, Etitude and many other companies are producing fantastic range in these types.
Mineral foundation are latest techniques which is getting popularity, it give soften look and are long lasting, perfect for sensitive and young skins.

So, hope you got useful info which will help you to choose right foundation for you.

Choosing the right Foundation is must for accurate and attractive makeup. Never forget correct foundation is the base of your makeup stability.

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