Can hormones affect my eyesight?

Allah is the creator of this universe. He has created each and everything which we can see or feel, but the most beautiful thing that He created; in my point of view, is a human being. He has blessed us with five senses which distinguish us from other creations. We can utilize these senses through our different body parts that include eyes, nose, ears, hand etc. The proper working of all body parts is essential in order to work and progress. If any of the above body parts does not work properly or is disabled, then it will be difficult for us to survive or live life properly. These body parts are the great blessing of God and we should take care of them.

It is an admitted fact that people usually judge others through their personality and attract them through their beautiful looks. Color of your skin, your height, your hairstyle and your eyes are the most important factors of beauty. People usually attract other through their eyes. Without eyes, we will not be able to see the beauty of this world. Any kind of interaction is incomplete without healthy eyes. Our brain interprets the data that is received from eyes. That is why the proper working of eyes is necessary.

As we know that hormones regulate all the important functions of the body that can affect our eyesight and when they change then there appears a prominent change in our vision also. There are variety of reasons that can affect our eyesight but hormonal effect on eyes is an undeniable one. From our birth till our death there are different physical changes that take place in our body. All these changes have an effect on our different body parts. With the growth of our body our eyes balls also lengthen. It is important that eye care tips should be known to all of us. The eyesight of woman can be affected by taking birth control pills when become pregnant. The strong pregnancy hormones can cause various eyesight problems that usually include irritation in eyes. With the passage of time as we grow older, women often have problem of vision due to decrease in their hormones. Some people inherit eye diseases from their parents. Another hormonal disease called diabetes can also damage the eyesight.

The high level of glucose in blood is the main cause of this disease. This proves that hormones surely have an effect on our eyes which cannot be ignored. If anyone of you have problem with your eyesight before your old age, then you should consult a physician as soon as possible. If you have inherited vision problem from your family then talk to them to know if anyone has been diagnosed with the disease. Moreover, you can protect your eyesight by eating the food which is beneficial to your eyes. All the green vegetables like spinach are very good for the health of eyes. Overweight can increase the risk of diabetes that can lead to vision loss, so maintain your weight and avoid fast food to remain healthy. Smoking increase the risk of optic nerve damage, so avoid smoking to prevent your eyes. In this modern age of computer, every one of us spends a lot of time in front of computer which is very harmful for our eyes. We should avoid the continuous working on computer.

God has blessed us with many things out of which eyes are one. We cannot see the beauty of things without them. Our hormones have a great effect on our vision from different aspects. Healthy food and some precautionary measures can save the loss of vision

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