Bold Makeup Trends to Try

Changing seasons call for a change in your wardrobe, makeup box and what not! This season women are going for the audacious looks with vibrant colors in their makeup box. So ladies, be sure to try something extra bold this season. Here’s a list of those bold one’s you definitely ought to give a shot:

1. The seductive smokey eye:

The traditional trend of the all black smokey eyes have transformed this season into shades of bold purple, blue or turquoise. Try out the latest Urban Decay smoked shadow palette for this season.

2. The era of purple:

This season, women are going purple not just on the eyes but also on the lips! Yes, you read it right. Purple lips are the in vogue trend to try this season. It is bold and stands out for all those fashionistas looking for a loud change this season. Try out Palace Pedigreed or Fig from MAC.

3. Those bold brows:

In all of this year’s Spring/Summer fashion weeks, a rather unique trend which goes back to the 70’s perhaps was depicted, the bold eyebrows. Another daunting yet unique enough trend to try this season would be the boldness in your eyebrows. Highlight and define them with shades of dark brown, gold or black this season.

4. Pout loud with those crimson lips:

Highlighting your lips with the scarlet/crimson shade had been quite out of sight for a fairly long time. But ladies, it is back with a bang this season! Outline your lips with the your darkest shade of red and then fill in the lips for a fuller look. Go for all shades of bold reddish pink you can find in your cosmetic stores.

5. Soft smudged eyeliner:

Want those eyes to speak loud and clear? Go for the smudged eyeliner look. It is bold enough to carry itself without any lip color or a light one if you cannot simply live without any makeup on your lips. Paired with a subtle shade on your cheeks, the bold smudged eyeliner can paired with platinum eyebrows is the perfect look for events and parties this season.

6. Flicker those lush lashes:

Curled up and bold eyelashes lit up with heaps of mascara are also bold enough to hold the eye standing out without any eyeliner or eye shade. A little bit of white eyeliner to go with it would be just about the perfect bold trend this season.

7. Green on nails paired with blue eyes:

Another bold makeup trend this season would be to try out the darkest shade of green on your nails preferably with blue nail art paired with bright blue shades on your eyelid!

8. White nails:

Make up the best fashion statement with white nails bold enough to shut everyone up and have the crowd turning heads this season.

9. Peachy cheeks:

Try out some bronzer all over your face including forehead, chin and lower jaw line just after your perfectly matched skin tone foundation. Pair all this up with highlighted peachy cheeks for a bold finish.

10. Vamp up your style:

This would call for a hybrid of maroon and black on your face typically highlighting the eyes and lips. With all the twilight, vampire diaries and other fictional vamping up going on and around in the media these days, this look has got to be the one for all those vampire lovers. Hold it out, bold and beautiful and elegantly scare your fans!

Be sure to try out all these makeup trend but do not go overboard with any cosmetic because once you cross that decent line any makeup will have a false effect on your face causing you to look fake as ever.

Therefore, no matter how bold the makeup is that you plan on wearing, try to keep it a bit below the line and hit only the spots you wish to define best. Remember, one spot at a time! Enjoy the look ladies.

Makeup trends evolve every season and 2013 has been seen a variety of different changes in the cosmetics category. This season women are going for the bold look. So, here's a list of bold makeup trends you cannot miss out on!

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