Bird Poop Facial

The word “Poop” sounds weird when it is associated with beautiful skin. Bird-poop facial is not discovered today, it is the beauty secret of Japanese from ancient times. Today, this facial is popular in the trendy spas of the world due to its incredible results.

The dropping of the birds is actually very beneficial for the skin as it contains natural enzymes. It is used to clean up the skin from debris and also for adding a superficial glow to the skin. Don’t afraid of the word “poop” as it is not applied to your face in the raw form. It is treated under UV light to remove all the bacteria from it so that you it may not cause any affect to your skin.

The poop is then dried and grinds finely to make a smooth cream of it. Rice ban is mixed into it with the help of a spatula. The paste is then applied on the skin to get the expected results. There will be no poop smell in the mixture so don’t worry about that, it will smell like toasted rice. Bird poop facial has following advantages.

Break Down Dead Cells:

Bird poop facial can help your skin to break down the dead cells that could ruin your skin tone. It contains enzymes that not only polishes your skin but also give it shine and glow. If you have a hectic routine and don’t have much time to do daily cleansing then just go for bird-poop facial once a week. It will whisk away all the dust and debris from your skin and make it soft and glowing.

Remove Make-up:

Japanese geishas practice poop facial to remove makeup from their face. It has ability to remove all the stains and paint from the skin leaving a silky smooth effect. Today, there are a number of makeup removers available in the market that contain harsh chemicals in them, avoid all these type of makeup removers as they can harm your skin easily.

Cure Sun Damage:

Bird poop facial is also very beneficial for you if your skin is damaged from sunlight and UV rays. Just go to some trendy spa near your location and get a bird poop facial to get rid of damage skin. Your dull and damaged skin will become fresh and shiny.

Exfoliation of Skin:

Bird poop facial also exfoliate your skin and makes your skin healthy, smooth and radiant. Rice bran present that is added with sterilized powder poop-have facial lightening properties in it that is very much good if your want a fair skin tone.

Retain Skin Moisture:

In winters, the common skin problem is the moisture that vanishes from the skin due to dry season. Poop of nightingales contain urea in excess with which helps to retain the moisture of the skin. So, it is very simple and easy way to add moisture to your skin just in one facial treatment. You don’t need to use certain chemical products for moisture, just go for bird-poop facial.

This is all about bird poop facial. Hope that now you are familiar with all the characteristics of this traditional Japanese facial. It is very much popular in America but not acknowledged in Pakistan at low level spas. There must not be any compromise on skin related issues so do whatever is good for your skin. Don’t go for name-just see the results.

Bird poop facial has countless advantages for your skin. The method of facial is also very simple. You just have to take steam before applying poop mask on the face. Steam makes your skin soft and will open the blocked skin pores so that the scrub or mask will do deeply to give exceptional results. You skin will get an incredible glow and become soft like never before. Go to the best spa of your city and get bird poop facial as soon as possible.

Are you familiar with the latest skin facial? If no, then here is something really interesting and new that you should know for a better skin. Bird-poop facial is a Japanese traditional facial to get beautiful complexion.

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