Best Shampoos in Pakistan

The good companies are offering the best hair shampoos for every type of hairs. The competition between companies to provide best hair shampoo is really tough.  We are lucky because we can get shampoo in Pakistan for every hair type. If we talk about imported shampoos two multinational companies producing four international brands of shampoos namely Sunsilk, Head & Shoulder, and Pantene. These companies were also producing pert plus but recently pert plus is not producing by these multinational companies.

Head & Shoulder is ever best hair shampoo which helps to reduce dandruff especially Head & Shoulder Green is proven as a great acne & dandruff removal as it contains anti bacterial ingredients and Pyrithione Zinc.

Clean & Clear also best for dandruff and hair fall. Sunsilk is also listed in Pakistani shampoos and providing best hair shampoos for all hair types. Its latest technique Green Sunsilk Hijab is wonderful for covered hairs, prevents from sebum. Natural ingredients are used in Sunsilk shampoos, natural ingredients which are derived from Passiflora Incarnata, apricot vine, passion flower, maypop etc.  

Pantene is good to prevent hair loss. Although it does not stop total hair falling but its special hair fall formula gives nourishment to reduce hair fall.

Dove is another company whose hair products are getting huge popularity recently in Pakistan and consider as best hair shampoo. Dove is offering shampoos for all hair types. One of its types gives the freedom of color. Fiber Actives & Protein Micro Moisturizer Serum protects hair from damaging and helps in reconstruction of hairs. Dove can be a best hair shampoo from hair breakage and split ends & its moisturizer serum gives nourishment and softness to your hairs.

Dove Intense Repair Therapy for available in Intense Repair, Hair Fall Rescue, Straight & Silky, Color Rescue, Daily Shine and Dryness care. One more & latest thing of Dove it is also offering INTENSE REPAIR MASK with Vita protein complex & fiber actives. HAIR FALL RESCUEMASK, HAIR FALL RESCUEMASK are another fantastic hair products available in Pakistan.

These were popular hair shampoos listed as Pakistani shampoos; however there are other medicated shampoos are also available.

Like other beauty products Pakistani shampoos are also available in excellent variety. There is huge range of variety of imported and local shampoos in Pakistan.

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