Before going out in the Sun

Sun rays simply make our skin dark with circles and can cause stains which look so odd. So it’s good if you will simply apply some sun block before going out side, instead of applying make-up or different creams. This thing will defend your skin with so many skin harms or diseases as well.

Another tip through which you will protect your skin from dryness is applying the mixture of rose water, lemon juice and glycerin.

Take the equal proportion of three of them, like one table spoon each and make a lotion. Apply it and then wash out after half an hour or you can also apply it as night lotion. The biggest advantage of applying this lotion is that it will not make your skin oily at all.

This lotion will protect you from the bad effects of sun rays and give your skin an extra shine and softness.


The ultra violet rays of sun are very dangerous for our skin. So, we need to take some precautionary measures before going outside in the sun.

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