Beauty’s Most Controversial Chemicals

You are going through the age where you repeatedly get in touch with your daily personal care products like soap, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body-lotion, and foundation etc. Without these products your beauty seems incomplete. It is also said that average women eats 6 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

Have you ever noticed that shampoo that you used to wash hair with, toothpaste that you use for tooth care, deodorants and perfumes, nail polish, foundation and soap that you use to maximize your beauty contain a number of harmful controversial chemicals that damage your beauty and health? Cosmetic labels advertise those ingredients they contain and their purpose, but now many ingredients are listed without any explanation as to why they are present? One reason of adding controversial skin products & chemicals is their preservation.

When you put a quick glance at cosmetic ingredients list, your brain will register ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, bisphenol A, phthalates, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl, phorbans and propyleneglycol etc. These are some of the controversial chemicals that are being used in beauty products and are affecting your health and beauty. I have made a list of some chemicals that are harmful for your beauty and health. You must avoid beauty products and toiletries that contain these toxic chemicals.

Mineral Oil – When you buy any body lotion, you will notice mineral oil to be its main ingredient. When it is applied on skin, it coats skin as plastic wrap so skin can’t breathe and release toxins. These toxins accumulate on skin and cause premature skin aging, acne and other skin disorders. Baby oil is 100% mineral oil and affects soft skin of babies.

Formaldehyde is carcinogen and one of the controversial chemicals. It is a powerful reagent that is readily soaked by skin resulting in serious health issues. It is mostly found in your daily used products like moisturizing lotion, bath gel, shampoo and other cosmetics.

Bisphenol A – (BPA) is used in manufacturing cosmetics and their plastic containers. It disturbs hormones and due to its detrimental effects, pregnanat women are recommended to avoid BPA.

Petrolatum – Mostly known as petroleum jelly, it makes the skin smooth but does not absorb properly therefore, skin can’t breathe and clogs pores. This is heavy oil jelly that causes photo sensitivity, skin chapping and allergy.

Phthalates is the next in our list of controversial skin products. It is a plasticizer that is added to nail polish, hair spray and perfumes to make products flexible. It causes medical problems like asthma and allergies in children and infants.

Sodium Lauryl – Mostly shampoos and toothpastes are labeled as containing sodium lauryl. This is a harsh ingredient that leads to irritation on eyes and skin, dandruff, rashes and allergic reactions on skin.

Phorbans is a preservative that is used to keep beauty products for long time. It has been found in breast cancer tissues. Its main disadvantage is that it disturbs hormonal balance.

Propylene glycol is used in hair products; make up, toothpaste, deodorants as a solvent. It is a wetting agent that causes allergic reactions.

Be gentle to your skin. It is very important to take care of your health and body. You must put a glance on list of ingredients before buying any product so you can be safe from such controversial chemicals and controversial skin products. You must consult a physician or a pharmacist about any question related to health care before trying any new product.

You should be aware of those controversial chemicals that are damaging your beauty because there is no compromise on health and beauty. I highlighted some beauty's most controversial skin products that all of you must know and avoid.

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