Beauty Tips for Brides

As the wedding time comes nearer, the brides become more conscious and worried about their skin and beauty from their usual routine.

In Pakistan, the wedding season almost starts from mid-October to mid-April. As in this period the weather is so cool and pleasant and most of the people/ families consider these months are good for wedding. In these months, not only the weather is cool and pleasant but it is also very good and beautiful from clinical point of view. In these months the skin and body texture is moderate and free of acne problems. As the wedding time comes nearer, the brides become conscious and worried about their skin, tone, texture and beauty from usual routine. They seek for hundreds of skin and beauty guidance and tips to enhance their beauty and facial shine before their marriage and use every possible beauty tip whether homemade or readymade.

Majority of brides start caring themselves right before fifteen or twenty days of their marriage which indeed is too short time period. In order to beautify and glorify your skin and body; you must start working before two to three months from your wedding because skin needs a lot of time for rejuvenation and beautification. Here are some very useful beauty tips for brides  whose wedding are coming nearer as their skin and beautiful face need extra care and attention to look extra beautiful and different  from ever as this time comes once in a while and it’s bride’s  right to be look charming, beautiful and gorgeous than ever.

  • First of all, make your bridal beauty plan before two or three months of your wedding. For a suitable and right bridal beauty plan you can consult with your trust worthy beautician or a skin specialist.
  • Change your usual routine. If you are in a habit of late night sittings, then you must have to finish this habit as this habit is the evil of good and healthy skin. Apply strictly the rule of “early to bed and early to rise”
  • Start morning walk. Try to go right before Fajar prayer as this time is very suitable and beneficial for skin rejuvenation.
  • Drink lots and lots of water. Simply purifying water will eliminate all the inner diseases and as a result your skin will become soft, smooth and shining like a child. Remember that the smooth and shiny skin is very essential to have a beautiful looks and makeup.
  • Add fruits and raw vegetables in your daily diet. Raw vegetables and fruits will not only reduce your fats but also enhance your skin and complexion.
  • Use beauty products which have natural ingredients in them. Don’t experience any new or strange beauty product before your wedding as it may cause skin burn, skin damage or acne problems.
  • If you have acne problem, don’t treat it at home. Go to a dermatologist or skin specialist for best treatment.
  • Always try to be calm, relax and free of tension as tension and depression will bring negative effects to you and as a result you may lose your skin shine and beauty. Tension free mind and body is very essential for a bride.
  • Last but not least, arrange or finalize your beautician for your bridal makeup before two months of your wedding so that she will plan your facials and other beauty enhancing things before time.

By doing these simple things a bride will definitely have a wonderful, unique and extra beautiful look at her wedding day which is her ultimate wish at all.

As the wedding time comes nearer, the brides become more conscious and worried about their skin and beauty from their usual routine.

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