Beauty Benefits of Rose Petals

Since ages Roses have held significance as a favourite flower. The roses can be a source of home decoration and also a tool to express our love for a dear one. Another significant use of roses is their application to enhancement of beauty regime. History tells us that Egyptian Empress Cleopatra and Mughal Queen Noor Jahan depended on roses to beautify themselves.

It is not only rose water that can help to beautify but even the rose petals have the capability to yield beauty benefits related to the skin. And the most notable benefit is that there are no side effects when rose petals are applied directly to the skin.

Beauty Benefits of Rose Petals are many but we share the most important ones here.

1. Rose Petals serve to Moisturize

Rose Petals are full of natural oils. These natural oils assist in ample moisturizing of the skin and that too naturally. From the commercial angle there are many perfume and moisturizer brands that claim use of pure and genuine rose petals in their products. The good thing is that one can extract the natural oils of the rose petals with ease and use them on the skin for hydration and moisturization.

The procedure to be applied is that you soak the rose petals and almonds overnight, crush them together in the morning and prepare a paste. Milk addition can also be done in case there is the existence of dry skin problem. This paste can be applied on the face and body. Once it dries out, it can be washed with water. The result will be a soft and supple skin.

2. Get Sun Protection from Rose Petals

The sun can really harm the skin, so precautions have to be taken. And one precaution that works is the application of rose petals which have rich Vitamin C that serves to protect against the sun related problems.

All that has to be done is to crush some fresh rose petals and add a few drops of glycerine. After mixing well, the mixture can be put on the hands and also other parts that are exposed to the sun.

3. Get Rid of Dark Circles by using Rose Petals

Dark circles are a source of worry and it is necessary to get rid of them. And these can be done away with rose petals which after application cool down and heal the delicate under-eye skin.

To achieve benefits of this home related remedy, take steps to crush some fresh rose petals and then apply it on the region under the eye. Let it remain for 30 minutes. Thereafter proceed to remove the paste and clean the area with a tissue. Avoid washing.

4. Whiten Skin with Rose Petals

Skin Whitening can be done with Rose. To do this prepare a simple DIY rose face pack for complexion lightening. This application is more effective than many skin whitening creams and lotions. Yogurt is needed and also rose petals for this DIY.

Take some fresh rose petals and add some yogurt to eat. Blend it in a blender to make a smooth consistent paste. Apply this paste on your cleansed face and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Washing may be done with cold water. This may be done two times in a week.

Here are 4 amazing beauty benefits of this lovely flower for you all.

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