Are Face Wipes Healthy for your Skin

Making some unidentified mistakes can be severely detrimental to your skincare routine. Like using a foundation that may not suit your skin tone or texture or a blush that may cause acne on your face, makeup can be extremely tricky sometime. Choosing the right product and knowing its effect on your skin is imperative for anyone who applies makeup.

Today we talk about a similar product that is usually a god sent blessing on earth for women who are short of time and use it almost daily without having to explore its pros and cons i.e Face wipes. Who would’ve thought that a simple straightforward product like face wipes could susceptible of suspicion in its efficiency.

Face wipes are those convenient little napkins infused in oil or some cleansing ingredient that can wipe off impurities and residue from your skin in seconds. Available in abundance all over the market, face wipes are now a daily grocery item used by thousands of people all around the globe.

Be it to remove makeup, clean up dirty hands or simply to wipe off that access residue after a tiring day, these beauties usually do wonders in clearing off impurities and making your skin look squeaky clean. But new research has shown that face wipes may not be as beneficial as we thought after all. This easy to use product maybe causing more damage to your skin then you ever imagined.


Dr. Craig Kaffert, a New York based dermatologist summarized for HuffPo, "Makeup wipes are quick and convenient but not optimal for overall skin health." For people who use them day in and day out, be warned because over using the product and with the constant rubbing and tugging with these wipes, you might be putting your skin in more harm than benefit.

Some dermatologists say that the face wipes contain very mild cleansing oil and since the cleansing oil is mild, it may be hard for you to use that stubborn makeup stain off, whereby you might be using extra force to remove makeup on sensitive areas like the eyes and may end up damaging your skin by constant rubbing and tugging and using a considerable amount of physical force.


Another reason not to use these wipes regularly is due to its ingredients. Most of the face wipes have alcohol as the main ingredient. Alcohol can be overly drying to your skin and can damage your face more. It does not help clean skin effectively which is why if you apply any product afterwards it might not give you a completely clean and fresh effect.

Another major reason for not using these wipes regularly is because when you them remove makeup, it may remove the makeup properly but afterwards you are only playing around with dirt over your skin. The product is shifting dirt and bacteria all over your face which can cause complexion issue, acne or even pimples.


Considering all these issues it is suggested to use the wipes only occasionally or as a last resort. Probably when you are travelling or when you do not have access to wash your face or clean it by other means. Face wipes are not a regular basis product and it may be detrimental to your skin more than any other product.

Face wipes are the safe haven for many working women nowadays because they are quick and easy to use. Find out how beneficial they are to your skin.

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