America’s Most Wanted Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of the most important elements of fashion. Females consider their fashion and overall look incomplete without nail polish. Nail polish trend varies like others fashions and trends. New trends of nail polishes has introduced in America. Nail polishes are named after cities of America. There is a breakdown of nail polishes from coast to coast. What is your favorite city? Choose your nail polish according to your favorite city.  

San Francisco:

If your favorite city is San Francisco then you can go with this shade of nail paint. San Francisco nail paint is in cotton candy pink shade. You can go with cotton candy pink hue of Essie Sugar Daddy.

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles is in greige shade. This greige hue of nail paint is the blend of gray and beige. Greige is the most wanted nail paint of Los Angeles. Enhance the beauty of your nails with marvelous Los Angeles greige shade.


If you are desperate need of change in fashion why don’t you go with Dallas? Charcoal is the color of Dallas. This is one of the most demanding nail polish hues of America. This nail pain hue will instantly grab the attention of others towards your beautiful and marvelous hands. 

Scotts Dale AZ:

For the hot hue, you must go for Scotts Dale, AZ. This is in bright and hot opalescent red. This shade is the most favorite nail polish color of Scotts Dale.

New York:

Gray green is the most wanted hue of nail polish in New York therefore this nail polish is named after this city. If you want your nails to be bold but not overwhelming then New York is the best shade to give fresh look to nails.


RGB’s plum is the most popular nail polish color in Bean town. It is the deep purple shade and vivid with sexy and fresh flair. This bright and sexy shade is the most requested shade in Boston.


In Philadelphia the most requesting nail paint hue is Crims on Red. Everyone is spotted in this shade in the sunny city Philadelphia. According to notable makeup artists, this is one of the top nail polish shades in salons and beauty parlors of Philadelphia.

Washington DC:

Apple red is the most popular and patriotic nail paint color in Washington DC. Fire engine red hue of Washington Dc is the hottest shade. You must give it a try if Washington DC is your favorite city.


Atlanta is the most wanted shade and this is soft and light shade. The light baby pink nail paint is named Atlanta. It will give your nails trendier and stylish look.


In the windy city of Chicago, greige shade is most popular. This coolest color is the blend of Gray and beige shade. Maximize the beauty of nails and hands as well with coolest this hue.  

Now it is up to you what color and city you go for. Choice is yours. You can opt for one of your favorites most wanted nail paint hues of America. If you want to go with latest trends of nail paints then you need to get on the America’s most wanted nail paints.


Here I mentioned America’s most wanted nail polishes. These nail polishes are named after cities of America. Choose your favorite nail color to make your nails look marvelous and beautiful.

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