All about your Eid Dress!

Grace youself with the latest fashion trends to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid.

The most-awaited festival of Eid is arriving with all its festivities and celebrations. Muslims from all over the world celebrate this occasion with great passion and zeal. To us, Eid means palms decorated with mehndi, hands full of bangles, new eid dresses and lots of different sweet treats. Eid is the most anticipated festival, after one month of Ramadan fasting. It has been an Eid trend in Pakistan to go for shopping on Chand Raat for new shoes and bangles. The preparation of Eid dresses are on the top-most priority, as they have to make dazzling debut on Eid day.

With the latest trends in fashion dresses, this Eid brings out a huge variety of choice for your Eid dresses. All the girls and women always strive to make most fashionable and stylish Eid dresses that totally steal the show on big Eid day. As the Eid 2010 is coming with joy in the summer season, your Eid dresses should be trendy and stylish in accordance with the demand of weather.

To make a cool entry on Eid day with your beautiful Eid dress, try cool shades to give yourself a fresh breezy look. Aqua shades, Blue, Grey, Sea green, pink, peach, white are the trendiest colors to pick for your Eid dresses. You can simply make your Eid dress attractive by detailed embroideries on neck and sleeves along with ham-line with the combinational colors.

If you are looking for bright colors for your Eid dress then you have to intelligently use them to avoid the sharp side. Hot colors like red, maroon, striking pink and purple are always in fashion and preferable by women in dresses and they can surely be a part of your Eid dresses by appropriate usage. If you are choosing bright color fabric for your Eid dress, try to go for embroideries and embellishments of lighter tone. The use of bright colors will look most stylish with the black base fabric.

The black fabric will not only enhance the definition of colors on your Eid dress, but almost suppress the sharpness of shades.

As fashion trends 2010 are totally in the favor of long shirts and frocks, you can go for white fabric and make an interesting Eid dress out of it by the use of different striking colors on daman (ham-line) and sleeves. According to the latest fashion trends, whether you pick your Eid dress of long and loose shirts with loose pants and cuolets or a trendy Kaftan, the charm of new set of Eid dresses always glitter on Eid day.

Grace youself with the latest fashion trends to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Eid.

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