A Combination Skin

Those who have a combination skin type may have more problems as compared to other types of skin. In combination skin it’s difficult to decide that what is more problematic, whether the oil in your skin or the dryness.  So, to control both the problems at one time is like a challenge. Combination skin is made up of two types. The ‘T’ area, which includes forehead, nose, partly cheeks closer to the nose and chin are oily areas whereas other are either dry or normal. Your very first step should be deciding that what actually causes more skin problems to you, oil or dryness.  If your skin is shining in the T-zone but looks tight and scaly around your eyes and cheeks, it means that you have to tackle dryness problem. On the other hand, if your cheek and eye areas feel slightly tight but your T-zone is covered with oil and blemishes your combination situation is oily.

Being the tricky and complicated skin type, it needs your extra effort to look after it. Individuals with the combination skin type always encounter two conflicts at one time. First to reduce oil from the oily areas while the other to replace moisture and kill the dryness. In short it requires a skin care for two absolutely different skins.

Here are some of the remedies for those who got combination skin type:
Try to develop the habit of cleansing on daily basis, probably with some good quality milky moisture or moisturizing lotion. Then cleans your face with a cotton wool soaked into the rose water. Clean the whole face through this procedure and take the dirt off and make the skin clean and fresh. Immediately after it, if you will again clean your face with the cotton wool and few drops of lemon or fruit vinegar on it. You can easily clean the T area to take off all the extra oils. 

Other then this you can apply some homemade marks. Like
Put cucumber (peeled) into a blender and make a fine paste, add egg-white to the half of the paste for the oily area and one teaspoon yoghurt with a few drops of apricot oil to the rest of the half portion of paste, for the other part of the face.

Apply these masks once or twice in a week for 15/20 minutes. Never forget to moisturize after washing and it’s important that you use moisturizers that are minimum greasy.

 Whatever the skin type you have, always remember to take care of it using the right kind of products.  

Well people, are you worried about managing your combination skin? If yes then we will tell you what to do regarding taking care of your combination skin.

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