9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your Skin

The scorching summer heat not just leaves our throat dry and fatigued, but it also causes our skin to become dull, dehydrated and tired after just a few hours of activity.

Coming to the rescue, facial mists can work wonders to freshen up the face in a jiffy, without the effort of washing it again and again. And, what better than homemade facial mists that are devoid of any chemicals and can be created according to your own skin type. Here are some super-easy and quick-to-make facial mists to let you carry your share of freshness in your bag all-day-long.

1. For oily skin: Anti-bacterial clove essential oil mist

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinBoil a few neem leaves in 4 cups of water till it comes down to one cup. Strain the solution off and add four drops of clove essential oil when it cools off. Here, your antibacterial mist is ready to go in a bottle and sprayed whenever required. Exclusively made for oily skin, the mist is filled with oil-control, anti-acne and anti-scar properties due to the clove, while neem essence makes it highly anti-bacterial in nature and keeps infections away.

2. For combination skin: Refreshing mist of peppermint oil

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinDried orange peels can prove highly beneficial for combination and oily skin types, as they are filled with astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. So boil some of it in a litre of water till one-fourth of it evaporates. Now, filter it and let it cool.  Add some peppermint essence oil and store it in a spray bottle to sprinkle on your face whenever needed. Not to mention, peppermint will leave your skin toned, tightened and refreshed for the rest of the day due to its superb cooling traits.

3. For normal skin: Super-refreshing jasmine mist

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinThe USP of this mist is a long-lasting lingering fragrance that originates from the jasmine and orange essential oils mixed together. Take half a litre of water, add a handful of jasmine flowers to it. Now, let it boil and wait for the one-fourth of the water to evaporate. Now, filter it and let it cool in your refrigerator to add a dash of extra freshness. Now, add orange essential oil – few drops for that exquisite scent and invigorating effect. Pour the contents into a spray bottle to be your best friends on sunny days. No wonder it’ll serve as a refreshment enhancer under the scorching sun due to the flowery and citrus ingredients like jasmine and orange.

4. For dry skin: Ultra-hydrating rose water mist with calendula (genda phool) oil

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinFor this, you need to soak fresh petals of a rose in a large bowl of water for an entire night. When morning arrives, take the petals out and boil the water till one-fourth of it remains. Add some calendula essential oil; doing this will have more hydrating and moisturising effects on the skin. Not just this, add some sandalwood essence to the solution will enhance the cooling and refreshing effect of this mist and fill it with skin-firming properties because of sandalwood. It will leave you with super-smooth, soft and baby-like skin.

5. For sensitive skin: Skin-soothing mist with aloe vera

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinFor this, you need to soak mint leaves in water for a night. Boil the water the next morning till one-fourth of it remains and add a spoon of aloe vera juice. This will make the mist way more soothing and relaxing for your sensitive skin as aloe vera will give it a boost of anti-oxidants, preventing it from free radicals. Apart from providing respite from the heat, this mist can also work wonders for women with ageing skin by making it firm and toned with regular application.

6. For acne-prone skin: antioxidant green tea mist

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinThis is one effective and easy to make mist, which would be really helpful for oily or acne-prone skin types. It comes with full of antioxidants and would definitely give you some awesome results. All you need is two cups of boiling water, two green tea bags and a few drops of vitamin E oil (this is optional if you want to add it, it’s up to you!). Firstly, you need to steep the tea bags in boiling water for about an hour. After that, wait for a while to let it get chill. Now, you need to pour into spritz bottle with vitamin E oil for hydration. And your homemade mist is all set!

7. For inflamed skin: uplifting vanilla chamomile mist

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinChamomile is one of the most gentle and soothing ingredients. And the mist made up of vanilla and chamomile will help in soothing your skin as well as will also reduce inflammation. Vanilla, on the other hand, has uplifting, de-stressing effect on the senses. All you need to make this mist is a bag of chamomile tea, a few drops of vanilla essential oil as well as jojoba oil and distilled water. No, add the chamomile tea bag to one cup of water and let it steep for over an hour. Now, fill (three quarters) spritz bottle with cooled tea and add vanilla essential oil. Also, along with these, do add jojoba oil and top them with distilled water. It’s time to shake and spritz!

8. For sunburnt skin: refreshing lavender peppermint mist

9 Homemade Facial Mists According To Your SkinAnd now, this is by far one of the most effective and soothing mists that you can prepare at home. While on the one hand, peppermint tea has a cooling effect on the skin. On the other hand, lavender the other major ingredient has healing properties. This is how it makes one of the fantastic summer spritzers. You would need one peppermint tea bag and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Now, steep the teal into the boiling water and let it cool for a while. Last but not the least, add lavender oil and shake well to mix it thoroughly.

9. Just to re-vitalise your skin: rose water toner

Wanna revitalise and soften your skin? Have been looking out for the best way to do so all this while? Well, now you can take a deep breath and just relax. While maintaining the pH balance of your skin, rose water revitalises and softens the skin. Its aroma will calm your senses and will also help to aid relaxation and will definitely melt away stress. All you need is a half cup of rose water and a tablespoon of jojoba oil. Mix all the ingredients and spritz!

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