7 ways to Massage your Partner at Home

After a long and hectic day at work all you need is a good and relaxing massage. Massage helps your mind and body to relax and it makes you feel light as a feather. These results in a peaceful good night sleep which means you will have a fresh, perfect day ahead. Body massage is a healthy activity as it keeps your body in shape and is good for health as well.

It helps in the elimination of any kind of body pains, keeps your joints healthy and saves them from any injuries. Body massage improves the blood circulation of your body, resulting in the reduction of depression, frustration and anxiety. It makes your immune system stronger and releases any muscular tension.

Many people avoid getting a massage as they are not comfortable with a strangers touch or they simply do not have time. In some cases it is hard for people to go to a spa or massage center in order to get a massage and even if you manage to go, it is not affordable for everyone.

We have gathered here some of the most amazing ways in which you can give your partner a body massage at home. Following are the 7 ways to massage your partner at home.

Right Scenario:

In order to give your partner a perfect massage creates a quiet, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. You can light some candles in order to create a soothing effect. Keep the room warm and cozy.

1. Body Massage using Olive Oil:


Olive oil is a natural oil without any chemicals or impurities therefore there are numerous benefits of it. Giving you partner a massage using olive oil will make his/her body and mind relax. It relieves any kind of strains in body whether joints or muscles.

It also helps in curing sunburns and uneven skin tones. Leaving your partners body not only relaxing but attractive as well. It makes the skin silky and smooth and moisturizes it, helping your hands to move smoothly over your partner’s skin.

2. Scented Body Massage:

Body Massage

If your partner is not allergic to strong scents you can use scented body lotions to massage your partner. It is very sensual and relaxing. Good scents make your mind relax. It will also make your partner feel good about him/her even after the massage.

3. Foot Massage:

foot massage

Foot massage is also very useful, as it increases the flow of blood in your body and makes you relax. You can give a successful foot massage to your partner by applying pressure with your thumbs on his/sole. Then moving towards the arch of the foot and then the toes.

4. Massager Machine:

machine massager

You can also take help of a massager machine for massaging the body of your partner. It can be used for foot, hands, legs and arms. It gives a very soothing effect. You can use it for back aches as well. It helps in relieving all types of body and muscular pains.

5. Hot and Salt Water Baths:

salt water bath

You can also use a hot water tub for a very relaxing massage. You do not have to go to a spa for getting a massage; you can arrange a perfect massage for your partner by adding some salt in the hot water tub. Once your partner is in that tub, you can use their pressure points to make them relax. After the soak make sure your partner is wrapped in warm bath robe. This is much rejuvenating.

6. Fish Therapy:

Fish Therapy

You can make your own little spa for fish therapy, if you wish to surprise your partner. You just need doctor wish and a tank of fresh water. These fishes feed on dead skin leaving your skin healthier and refreshed.

7. Head Massage:

head massage

Headaches are very common these days, giving your partner a head massage using mustard oil will give a perfect end to his/her day. Use mustard oil and apply it in the hair roots, then gently massage the hair scalp using your fingertips. This will release tension and stress.

Massaging your partner after a long tiring day is the best relaxing techniques. It helps relaxing the muscles and makes you feel fresh.

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