7 Popular Hairstyles of Last 100 years

Well, there ladies. Today’s agenda is really interesting. I’m going to take you on a ride over the different hairstyles past the last 100 years.

You think it’s a fun ride too? Well, that’s great news. Fasten your ‘knowledge-belts’ we are about to plunge a journey of interesting information.

The hairstyles of different times keep coming back to bring out the ‘historic-you’. Today you’ll be witnessing, too much nostalgia in one place!

1. Bob/Finger Wave ;1920s

Well, well, well. Who doesn’t know about the roaring 20’s? Remember watching ‘The Gatsby’? Saw the women’s hair cut in the movie?Well that’s the Bob/Finger wave haircut. Basically it is a haircut in which the hair is cropped between the chin and ear level and the waves are uniformly maintained.

bob cut hair

During 20’s celebrities like Zelda Fitzgerald and Colleen Moore was the mode of its hype. Well, that is one of the most popular hairstyle of the last 100 years.

2. Pixie Cut ;1950s

pixie haircut

And who brought the haircut into existence? Our very own Audrey Hepburn! It is a cut which resembles the cut of the fiction pixies. With really small near-to-ear-lobe hair alongside small fringe on the forehead, stands this haircut. Another famous hairstyle from the hairstyles of last 100 years.

3. Beehive;1950’s/60s

beehive haricut

A version of hair teased up with a lot back combing and hairspray. The hair was pulled back in the shape of a dome that closely afflicted the bee’s hive hence BEEHIVE. This hair cut was an inspiration by a Georgia’s band named beehive which produced zany music. The zany come dome-hive style of the last 100 years. Make that beat with the hair’s heat!

4. Bouffant 1960’s

This had been another haircut that resembled the beehive style. The difference with both the styles was the use of head band.

bouffant haircut

The head band covered the frontal hair with some flicks/fringe appearing on the forehead. The rest of the hair was back combed at the back area, after that head band used. Yes, doll like, Hive oriented style of the hairstyles from the last 100 years.

5. Feather flip: 1970s

This was hair cut which resembled the feather flip look. With hair locks in the form of wavy feathers flowing across the shoulders. This haircut is also known as the ‘Farah-do’.

feathered flip haircut

This is because the celebrity Farah Fawcett was the one to bring it in origination. Flicks and flocks, feather flips of the last 100 years. Man it got famous! Won hearts of thousands and millions!

6. Perm:1980s

perm haircut

Excessive use of hairspray, very close curl locks that embrace the fizzy lion like dispersion of hair across the shoulders, and adjusted according to the length. Mostly medium length had been the high call for this hairstyle. That’s fizz version of the hairstyles from the last 100 years.

7. The Rachel 1990

Wohoooo! Who doesn’t know the character ‘Rachael Green’ from the immaculate season in history “Friends”? Well, the followers know what I’m talking about. That sweet innocent cut. The ravishing highlights and lowlights added to the layers of the haircut is itself a strong symbol of the beautiful cut. Who doesn’t want a “Rachael’? Man even those having love for the longer shades of feminine beauty (I’m speaking strictly of hair, if you missed on that one) dream to have ‘the Rachael’ once in a lifetime.

Jennifer Aniston haircut

The bouncy layers took hearts of millions and yet remain the same. Each time you watch ‘Friends’. Each time your heart pounds for ‘The Rachel’! The Rachael a phenomenal ‘haircut-stopper’ (well there is at least one show stopper; you know what I mean eh?). So that is one of the cutest and most wanted hairstyle from hairstyles of last 100 years.

So, that’s that! You can try on those looks and venture across the revolving fashion of your ancestors. Or even modify in your own unique style and bring out the most ravishing looks of existence. Style never dies just modifies. Go experience that creative woman inside you. Who knows who gets a haircut on their name.*winks! Till then Happy Exploring!

These 7 hairstyles are the most in demand hairstyles that had been adopted in the past 100 years. It covers the most eminent styles from the 20s till the 90s.

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