7 Beauty and Style Tips From Real Women

Many of the women now days are more particular on making themselves look like a model but a real woman is always opposite. She has to maintain herself in a different way. The real woman is always simple and natural while it is the makeup which makes her look more beautiful. There are many style tips which we will here talk about.

  1. The most important style and beauty tip for the real woman is too keeping her skin healthy and fresh. She needs to give attention to the skin because if the skin is good the makeup will be done on it will be perfect. Good skin is the achievement of the real woman. She must use different skin mask and even need to tone her skin according to her skin type. Skin plays important role in the beauty. 

  2. The real woman should have nice hair. Good hair always makes you look pleasant and you feel good inside. Your hair must be properly dyed and cut. Always get that cut which is easy for you to manage. Make sure that you properly oil your hair and you also use conditioner. Eat as much as natural things you can. 

  3. The best thing to buy in a makeup is the right foundation which goes with your skin tone. Always select the best one by trying different bases on your skin. A good foundation will make your skin brighter and even it will give you smooth texture. Go for mousse and liquid foundations they are best for all the seasons. 

  4. Blush on plays important role when it comes to real woman styling. The one who have fair skin tone should go for colors like beiges and pink, the one who have yellow skin tones must go for colors like warm and brown shades, oranges, coral shades are best for dark skin tones. Always make apple of the checks and then apply the blush. 

  5. Eyes are the more essential part when it comes to makeup so one must never neglect them. Always use eye shades in colors like browns, nudes, pinks and peaches as they are the perfect colors which enhance your eyes. Always use kajal pencil and a liquid eye liner to properly define your eye shape. Mascara is also very important to use, it makes your eyes looks bigger and enhances your lashes. 

  6. Lipstick is the main part when it comes to real woman makeup and styling. It is very difficult to select the perfect color. Not every lipstick cannot suit everyone so for the one who have fair color colors like pinks, coral, and darker shades like cheery. The one who have medium skin tones go for mauves, maroons and coffee browns. For dark skin tone colors like browns and plums are best. Always start with the lip liner and then use lipstick inside. Use a gloss to give it a shimmery look. 

  7. Hand and feet must be perfect and must be soft. One should have pedicure and manicure done on them to look perfect.

Real woman is so different from the models; they are the one who wants to look simple and decent in their own style. We have given few important tips what a real woman should do to look more beautiful.

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