7 Amazingly Healthy Habits to Acquire Beautiful Nails

The hands are a reflection of your personality and those around you can gauge and evaluate yourself by looking at them. It is extremely important therefore to care for your hands and also for the nails.

In this regard it must be understood that the nails also attract a lot of attention and extra care has to be taken to ensure that the nails are given due heed and caring touch to make them look shiny and healthy. This helps to add to the beauty of the hands.

Towards this end shared here are some healthy habits which will get you beautiful nails. Become aware and feel enlightened.

1. Nails must be kept clean – This might appear too simple a habit but it is absolutely essential as we must understand that the basics have to be right. There should not be any let up in keeping the nails clean and clear of any dirt and in particular old nail polish.

Another don’t is that acetone based nail polish remover must be avoided as it dries the nails as well as the nail cuticles. By applying soap and a fine toothbrush gently, the cleansing process can be initiated. Nails will be exfoliated and dirt is removed.

2. Treat Gently – Nails are delicate parts of the body and have to be treated accordingly. If the treatment is harsh, infections will result. A precaution is also necessary with regard to use of metal tools.

By using metal tools, the separation of skin from the nail could happen. This causes pain.

3. Trimming has to be regular – Like hair, the nails also need to be trimmed with regularity. Suggestion is that nails may be trimmed every fortnight.

4. Do not keep long nails – Long nails add to the beauty but at the same time are prone to more breakage and more maintenance is required. Certainly long nails are an added hassle as compared to short nails. The short ones are easier to look after and process of maintenance is less worrisome.

For short nails all you have to do is focus on keeping them healthy and strong.

5. Make use of a base coat – When painting the nails at home, make certain to use a base coat and then apply the nail polish.

The base coat serves to protect the nails from getting tainted with the nail polish but also ensures that your nail paint color shows up very bright and vibrant.

6. Nails need a break – Painted nails give a look of beauty but the nails have to be given a break from all the nail paints and nail arts. Continuous coverage makes the nails become yellow and dry and also weakens them.

7. Focus on proper diet – Just like any other part of the body the growth and health of your nails depend on what your diet intake is.

The composition of nails consists of keratin which is a protein. So in order to keep them healthy, it is important that you eat protein-rich foods such as fish, beans and nuts in your diet.

Vitamin supplements are also recommended.

The best way to do that is to adopt some healthy habits that will keep your nails in good condition.

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