6 Ways to Tame Your Crazy Curly Hairs

Girls with curly hair wait all year long for a good hair day. The effort they put in to tame those curly hair every day takes up their precious time. There are some simply tips which girls with curly hair can follow and enjoy a good hair day. Flaunt those curls ladies. Usually curly hair is dry, damaged, frizzy and uncontrollable. First you need to know how to pamper and protect the curly hair. Follow some simple tips;

No Shampoo:

Usually shampoos have sulphates which basically strip off the hair’s natural oils. Once you use shampoo on curly hair, it strips away the natural moisture of the hair. The softness of the curly hair can be ruined when shampoo is used on them. Follow a good routine for curly hair to lock in the moisture for maintaining those lovely locks.

No Shampoo

Although hair texture of some people may take the shampoo very well but in general shampoo is not for curly hair. Curly hair gets frizzy and has split ends due to the use of shampoo. Sulphates are usually an ingredient found in detergents, when you never wash your favourite sweater with a detergent. Then why use that harsh shampoo on those beautiful hairs. It is best that you cleanse the hair in a gentle manner by using a good conditioner.

Get them Trimmed:


Have a proper routine for trimming every 2-3 months. There is absolutely no alternate to clean your hair. The hair needs to feel healthy by getting trimmed. The spilt end once trimmed will let the hair grow. Once the hair care tips are clear the next step is to make them look beautiful by styling them on occasions and on a casual day.

Twist the Curls:


The twists look absolutely royal and ravishing if you have those natural curls. Let’s go back to the times of those royal princesses who twisted some of the strands of hair to look absolutely beautiful. You start with dry hair, naturally curly. If you still think the curls are not well defined and you need to boost those curls add a diffuser on your dryer natural curls.

Then gather a small section of hair from one side to begin with at the hairline. French braid the section or simply twist them for a few inches behind your ear. Use a bobby pin to secure them.  Tame the small frizzy hair with a hair spray and you are ready to go where ever you want.

Short and Curly:

easy hairstyles

It is a misconception that curly hair does not look good when they are short. But try out a changed look with short hair if you have an oval or elongated face. Twist the hair from one side and secure those at one side. Let the other side be loose.

Braid or a Pumped up Pony Tail:

new hairstyle

Try the gladiator hairstyle with those curly hairs. Tame them into a nice French or fish braid, braided to the side. The pumped up pony tail is a good hair do for the all seasons and all occasions. Back comb the hair from the crown and tied the hair into a high pony hair.

Braided Sides:

hair tips

Take three, one inch wide vertical sections of the hair from each side of the head and braid them. Each section should be French braided till the end of the head. Leave the middle part of the hair to be back combed and tied into a pony tail. This will give your hair a new tamed look.

Curly hair can also be left undone by just applying some hair mousse to lock the curls in and get a naturally curly hair look.

Tame the curly hair by following some simple hair care tips and add some excitement to your look by trying some new ways of tying the hair.

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