5 Winter Must Haves For The Smart Curly Girl

The glimpse of winter means the start of bad days for curly girls. Isn’t it so? Well! You don’t have to be upset for it when we are here to help you out. Having natural curls requires much more attention and care in the winter season.

The slushy snow and cold breeze, the shorter days and layers and layers of clothes can actually be a huge drag when it comes to the beauty regimen, particularly for curly haired girls. There is a wide range of products to be embraced for the colder months. For your ease, I have listed five must have items for the smart curly girls so that you can pamper yourself in the best possible way.

These enlisted must haves products will help you to fight back this season. Make a kit of five must-have things to look smarter and prettier this winter. The five must haves of winter would make you look cuter without wasting your precious time.

1. Shampoo:

The combination of shampoo and conditioner is must for curly hair. Although, you don’t have to use conditioner on daily basis in winter but you must include a good shampoo in your winter must have list. A good shampoo can give your locks a good cleaning. Make sure to go for low or no sulfate shampoo for healthy hair. Kerarstase Bain Oleo Curl Shampoo is the best shampoo for curly hair. This shampoo cleanses, defines and treats curly hair all at once. 

2. Deep conditioner:

Rejoice curly girls! Tame unruly and frizzy strands with the masque or deep conditioning treatment. Do remember to choose the conditioner and shampoo that is perfect for your hair type. Opt for DevaCurl Heaven In Hair or Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque during cold months to make your hair healthy and beautiful. Let yourself enjoy in the cold snowy weather without any fear of hair damage by seep conditioning your hair.

3. Leave in conditioner:

In winter, it is hardest task to wash hair daily and you may require a good leave in conditioner. A good leave in conditioner make curls and waves to look best. The waves and curls stay well hydrated after applying a good leave in conditioner.  

4. Clips and scarves:

Give your hair new styles by using clips and scarves. Having good clip for your hair length or type of curls will help you in creating style statement this winter. Keep some clips and scarves in your bag and tame frizz by covering your head with scarves. Wearing scarves help you to keep fly away at bay.        

5. Hair styler:

For giving any style to hair, the styler is the most important thing. The styler is the one that keeps the style in position. The styler can be gel, mousse, hair spray, or any combination of other products. For perfect and best styled manicured curls and waves, include hair styler in one of five must have products of winter.

Jessicurl Styling Gel, As I Am Cleansing Pudding and Curl keeper are some recommended hair stylers for manicured curls. Choose one of them and make your hair look healthy. Keep the best one handy rather than experimenting with different hair stylers.

For you ease, here we have compiled the best five must-have products for you so that you can enjoy this winter to full without any fear of the hair damage.

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